Holy Crab is one of the most happening new restaurants of 2014. It is exactly the kind of concept that works well with Jakartans as it combines food, fun and novelty. For once, it is not in a mall, and its owner, Albert Wijaya, has a background in the kitchen from Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in Los Angeles. He is also the Executive Chef of Holy Crab.

As the name suggest, Holy Crab serves various kinds of imported crabs (from Alaska) with a Cajun spicy sauce. It could be a restaurant like much others, but a few things make it rather unique:

- Clients are given a plastic apron/bib before eating. You can see everyone wearing it and it sets the atmosphere: Relaxed and fun.
- There are no plates, you eat directly off the table (where a paper is set) with your finger
- You can refill your soft drinks as much as you want
- Limited menu: It is mostly crab with also shrimps, lobsters and clams.
- The crabs are huge: We had only 2 legs of the King Crab and it was more than enough food (400 grams for both)... The Cajun sauce was excellent, but how much crab can a person eat?

The service was super friendly and it was nice to see the owner welcoming clients and being involved in the operations

Overall: Recommended even though the price is quite high (250,000rp per person for 1 crab leg each).
Opening hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 5PM to 10PM
Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 12AM to 3PM and from 5.30PM to 10PM

The Holy Crab Jakarta
Jalan Gunawarman No. 55
Senopati, South Jakarta

The place was very busy during my visit so I believe it is best to book in advance.

Phone number: +62-21 2923 6155
Email: theholycrab@ersons.co.id

Website: Holy Crab Jakarta
Facebook: Holy Crab Louisiane Seafood
Twitter: Holy Crab Restaurant
Instagram: Holy Crab Senopati

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