H5 (Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho!) is a restaurant with a complicated name. I had to ask the waiter where I was because as I wanted to write my review, I could not find the name of the place

The name could be a reference to Happy 5, which is the nickname for a party drug in Malaysia (Nimetazepam). Since H5 is owned by the OPCO group, behind the nightclubs Domain and Embassy, it would not be impossible. OPCO is also the owner of some popular restaurants like Yellow Fin or Portico.

Anyway, H5 looks like a trendy/vintage bar & restaurant, similar in style with Lucy in the Sky without the fresh air. The service friendly but very casual and easy going. The music was a mix of soft rock and electro-pop from the 2000s which was very good (though I'm afraid they have only a few CDs playing over and over).

The food of H5 is a mix of popular Southeast Asian street dishes. I had 1 Vietnamese beef sandwich (60,000rp with tax), which was good enough for me to take a second one after finishing the first. I had a Lemon Squash as well for 40,000rp with tax.

Overall, very satisfied with my lunch there. H5 was much less crowded than the Ismaya Catering Co just in front but it would deserve to be more popular.

Opening hours:
Open every day from 11am to midnight

Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho (H5)
Grand Indonesia Mall, Level 5, West Mall
Jl. MH Thamrin, Thamrin, Jakarta
Phone number: +62-21 2358 0045

Facebook: H5 Level 5
Twitter (not active): @HeyHoJKT
Opco website: Opco Indonesia

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