Cloud is a rooftop bar/lounge/club located on the 49th floor of the Plaza Tower, just 3 floors above Altitude which is part of the same group.

For many years, Jakarta was missing a real rooftop bar. Some clubs, restaurants and lounges were located on higher floors but never opened on the outside (for instance Vertigo, Pure, Kampus). SHY in Kemang was one of the first rooftop lounges but the Papillion building where it is located did not offer a very impressive view. 

Being located on top of one of the tallest towers in the city, SKYE was the first real rooftop bar in Jakarta, with an immediate success. It probably encouraged others to copy it and I am sure that we will see even more of them in the future.

Cloud is very similar with SKYE: It looks fancy and it is expensive (though not too much: a cocktail will be around 10$). For those who have been there, it looks much like Kudeta in Singapore, without the swimming pool.

There are some differences though between the two main rooftop bars of Jakarta:

- Skye has a more easy-going, artsy vibe and it is more popular with the Indonesian and Indo-Chinese crowd.

- Cloud seems to be targetting an older crowd, business type, more expat. I was there on a Saturday night and 50% of the clients were Indians actually. Cloud also has a cold room for drinking vodka.

Overall: I recommend Cloud and I will visit again. It was not that busy when I went there though so I hope they develop it into a real, busy bar.
Cloud Lounge & Living Room
The Plaza Tower 49th floor
Jl. M.H Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta 10350
Telephone: +62-21 2992 2448 

Twitter: Cloud Jakarta 

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday from 11am to 11pm
Friday from 11am to 12pm
Saturday from 11am to 3am

If you are looking for more rooftop bars in Jakarta: You can also try Awan Lounge (Kosenda Hotel) which is trendy at the moment.

12 comments to '' Cloud Lounge Rooftop Bar (The Plaza Office Tower) "

  1. Went there on Saturday afternoon when they just open. Problem with rooftop bar in Jakarta is the view not so great from up there. Night might be better but during daytime, its not too interesting.

    Anyway, Try the four cheese pizza. Too much cheese on it and overpowering the bread. Cocktail is good and crowd is mostly young people with friends and dates.

    Beer selection is poor though, with usual name in Jakarta (Stella Artois, Leffe, Bintang, Heineken, Kilkenny, Erdinger).

  2. Bad place and cocky general manager name daniel. Sucks

    1. I know Daniel and he is a pretty nice guy... what happened? Why do you think the place is bad? Please explain... Thanks...

  3. As per my opinion Cloud is a nice place to hangout and spent some quality time there, the service is really good, The general manager Daniel ( I know him as well) and the staff really doing a good job in keeping the customer satisfied that made me go there often. I think if the customer behave and well mannered than they will treated well. There must be a mistake you done there that cause you dislike Cloud.

  4. I'm a little bit confused here.
    Been stalking Cloud online today because I plan to visit it this Saturday with my friends,
    but there are some bad yet good comments.

    Does anyone know, are there minimum orders at Cloud?

  5. Some seating at cloud have a minimum spend especially for reservations, like other places eg Sky bar, dragon fly and blow fish. But there are seated and standing areas that don't have a minimum spend. The outside bar is great. Just ask the Manager and tell him u posted on here, I'm sure he will take care of you and your friends.

  6. On Friday night, to get a table at Cloud Lounge, you have to spend minimum 3 jutas to be seated

  7. Cloud is terrible. All the tables are apparently 'reserved' so you cant sit down anywhere. Even when there isnt anybody there they wont let you sit. Silly management. I wont be going back.

  8. Ive heard bad and good comment bout this place.. same thing happen with skye
    People said that they r terrible but in fact they r not
    So i guess i should give it a try by my own..
    But just a suggestion for the people in F&B business.. please teach ur staff some manner
    Theres a lot of complain mean theres a bad service..
    People with no money wont put their feet on this kind of restaurant
    So if they come to u,put some respect
    They pay ur salary

  9. Despite the good and bad reviews about this place, am going to give it a shot. Having lunch on friday afternoon there with a group of 10. They charge a minimum of 6 mio for this. Any recommendations on what to order?

  10. It's currently closed. Don't know why and for how long.

  11. I was looking up at the menus in zomato. Are those the real menus?