Morrissey Serviced Apartment Entrance

Morrissey is a very trendy place. It is a long-stay hotel full of expats and executives working in the area. Everybody knows Morrissey originally for their famous Italian restaurant, Ocha & Bella with charming modern design. I like the atmosphere in the lobby of this hotel, full of old-fashion objects like a 1950's motorcycle, a Vinyl reader or an Antique typewriter. Except for the first picture, I took all the pictures myself with my cell phone for this review, sorry for the approximate quality !

 1950's Sidecar Motorcycle in Morrissey's Hotel Lobby

1. The Location
Morrissey Serviced Apartment is a located on Jl. Wahid Hasyim, in the Menteng area. This Hotel hosts on his ground floor the famous Ocha & Bella Restaurant, which is one of my favorite Italian restaurant in Jakarta. On the same street you will also find Bars like Beer Garden Menteng, or many other hotels like Akmani Hotel, Kosenda Hotel or Oria Hotel. You definitely are in the center of Jakarta (Jakarta Pusat), 5 minutes away from Thamrin.

2. The Design
Stylish place with smooth concrete, that gives a modern touch to the Hotel, especially in the Hotel Lobby. The wooden furniture, the seats and couches, the trees in the Hotel Lobby make it a cozy place. Morrissey Hotel defines it self as a "Boutique Serviced Apartment": in a sense this definitely not the standard boring serviced apartment you can find in any big cities in the world. This serviced apartment is designed with style and harmony. The design in the rooms is also nice but a little cold and not meticulous enough.

Interior Design of Morrissey Serviced Apartment

3. The Rooms
There are 3 types of Rooms in this Hotel (Studio, 1-Bedroom and 2-Bedroom). I tried the Studio Executive (36 square meter). The first thing that struck me is that it is a place to live, even if the Room is small. You have a small bathroom, a small kitchen, a small living room and of course a small bedroom. So that is why it is called an apartment.

 Studio Executive Twin in Morrissey Serviced Apartment

Living Room in Studio Executive

As I said earlier, I am not thrilled with the design of the room. I find it cold, too white and poorly decorated. But the rooms are pretty quiet, you won't get bothered by the street noise.

4. The Breakfast/Restaurant
The Hotel Café is located on the ground floor. Klasse Café is pretty classy, as the noun suggests. This is a self-service café.

 Klasse Café in Morrissey Serviced Apartment

 Breakfast Buffet at Klasse Café

5. The pool

Would you consider staying in a Hotel in Jakarta without a pool ? I don't think so ! Especially when it comes to high-standard hotels & Residences.This pool is a resident's privilege and it's definitely an amenity you would appreciate while staying in this Hotel, especially when you'll come back from a day of macet in Jakarta...

Pool in Morrissey Serviced Apartment (6th floor)

Overall: Modern and stylish design are definitely a plus for this Hotel. The location is perfect if you want stay in the heart of Menteng. Ocha & Bella, which is independant from the management of the Hotel is also a great addition to your stay here, since it is one of the best Italian restaurants in Jakarta.

Price for 1 night: Rp 1 280 000 (breakfast included)
Price for 1 night (if long stay): Rp 825 000

Have a Drink in the area ? Beer Garden Menteng
Clubbing in the area ? Immigrant (Plaza Indonesia)

Jalan KH. Wahid Hasyim No.70,
Menteng, Jakarta 10340, Indonesia
Tel: 021 2993 3333

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