Kosenda Facade

After being to Awan Lounge Rooftop Bar in Kosenda Hotel, I was curious about this place. Now that I read the Wall Street Journal Review, I thought that international attention on this Hotel must be a good thing and I had to try it.

1. The Location
This Hotel is located on Jalan Wahid Hasyim 127, very close to Thamrin. Jalan Wahid Hasyim is a busy street for Hotels (Oria, Akmani, Ibis but also Morrissey, FaveHotel), Restaurants (my favourite being Ocha & Bella) and Bars like Beer Garden Menteng. The street is very close to Thamrin which makes it a very central location, with a close access to Bunderan HI and Sudirman. The location is thus perfect for a 2/3 days business trip in Jakarta.

2. The Design
Teak Wood in the Hallway

There is something about design in this place: well-kept and maybe more than that. As soon as you enter the Restaurant, located near the Hotel lobby, you feel something is different here.Teak wood makes it definitely Indonesian. But along with the decoration, which reminds me of 60s or 70s, especially for the furniture, it gives a modern and trendy touch as soon as you get in the Hotel Lobby.

3. The Rooms
There are 3 types of rooms : The Petita, The Comforta and The Spatia. The Spatia is the biggest room available in Kosenda Hotel. As you can see on the picture, there is a small living room with a couch and a coffee table in the Spatia Room.

Spatia Room in Kosenda

There is only one Spatia Room in the whole Hotel, so it's kind of unique. The price starts from Rp 1.8 Million, including breakfast. Taking the Spatia Room is a good option since the other rooms are slightly too small for 2 people.

 Comforta Double Room in Kosenda

Comforta Twin Room in Kosenda

The 2 other types keep the same decoration and color tones, but with a smaller room size. For the bathroom, the Kiehl's Toiletries are a real plus that makes it enjoyable to take a shower here.

 Bathroom in Petita Bedroom

Desk in Petita Bedroom

You can enjoy a small work area to either plug your computer or tablet, or simply make a couple of phone calls, for those who came here in a business trip.

4. The Breakfast/Restaurant

 Waha Kitchen Restaurant in Kosenda Hotel

Since Breakfast is included in the price, you don't have to pay extra to grab a bite in the morning. Fair choice is proposed and it was acceptable. On the contrary, the food in the restaurant was average and misses something in my opinion. Maybe a bit of taste and maybe a bit of attention to details, and also some efforts on decoration. The desserts were better than the rest of my meal, mostly Asian-fusion style.

Nasi Rendang in Waha Kitchen Restaurant

Overall: Kosenda Hotel has one of the nicest design and decorations in Jakarta, this is definitely a plus that makes you feel like you stay in a unique place. The location close to Thamrin makes it  very central and convenient for business trips. The basic room is too small though, especially for 2 people. The Rooftop Bar is very nice. I would not recommend to stay on the 8th floor ofthe Hotel though since it is close to the Rooftop bar and it might be a noisy.

Price for 1 night : Rp 1,300,000 (breakfast included)

Have a Drink in the area ? Beer Garden Menteng
Clubbing in the area ? Immigrant (Plaza Indonesia)

Entrance Terrace of Kosenda 

Kosenda Hotel
Jalan KH Wahid Hasyim No.127, 
Tanah Abang, 
Kota Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta 10240
Phone: 021 31936868

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  1. My favorite place for staying in on weekends or simply go for a brunch. The ambient is very relaxing with the sound of water streaming while enjoying your favorite reading in their aesthetically pleasing lounge, not to forget the well-designed interior.

  2. i tried breakfast there , staff very friendly and nice set up for breakfast and very reasonable price as well.