Eric Kayser Indonesia is now opened in Plaza Senayan. Just like Paul Bakery and Patisserie, it is an international French Bakery chain, very famous in France and in some big international cities (New York City, Tokyo, Singapore). Now that Eric Kayser is in Jakarta, I can compare those 2, in order to know which one is the Best Bakery in Jakarta (and where to find the best baguette!).

Eric Kayser is upmarket: The decoration of the Plaza Senayan outlet is very unique and luxurious. For instance, they used marble to display the bread and pastries. Even if it's not the same decoration, it reminded me TWG Tea Boutique, because of the pastry display in the middle of the restaurant. 

Even though a lot of care has been put into the design of Eric Kayser, I'm not really thrilled with its overall aspect. I found it quite bland and cold.

I like their bread much more: Baguette, Healthy Breads, etc...The Bread corner is very well arranged, and you can help yourself with any kind of French Croissants, Raisins Rolls, or Chocolate Croissants. I tried the Croissant and the Chocolate Croissants and it was delicious. I was also pretty happy with the waiters and the service offered in Eric Kayser restaurant, as everybody seemed to know what they were doing.

Paul Bakery/Eric Kayser: What is the Best Bakery in Jakarta ?

The long awaited game between those two upscale bakeries can finally begin. Now we can compare, in order to make the best choice for our mouth...

First, regarding the location, there is no doubt about it, Paul Bakery has a better location, on the terrace of Pacific Place Mall. The kiosk style of the Bakery and the possibility to dine outside makes you feel a bit more like you are in Paris, and is much more pleasant. Eric Kayser Bakery has just a regular location in a fancy mall, and the place is much smaller than its competitor in Pacific Place.

Tastewise, I have to admit the pastries are more delicate and nice looking at Eric Kayser Bakery. I can't help but think that this Pistachio Eclair from Eric Kayser might be the best I ever had. It is a very sweet piece of Pastry. I also prefer the "Help Yourself" Bakery corner of Eric Kayser, which is definitely a trend in Indonesian-style bakeries.

Overall, service and atmosphere, I would rather choose Paul Bakery. Living in Jakarta makes you spend a lot of time in the malls. When you are going to a French Bakery, you want feel like you are in Paris, with a nice decoration, traditional outfits and maybe some French words written everywhere...

Winner of the Game: Paul Bakery
Eric Kayser Indonesia
Plaza Senayan, Fourth Floor
Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan,
South Jakarta
Phone: +62-21 53660821

5 comments to '' Eric Kayser Jakarta (Plaza Senayan) "

  1. Wow Paul is in JKT now! Super cool. My husband and I tried their choco croissants and Baguette and other pattiserie stuff in Lyon (and even brought some home to Switerland lol). Their croissants are soooo soft, buttery, sooo good, typical french stuff. YUM. So glad to know it's there in JKT now. (Kathy)

  2. I could not try Eric Kayser here in JKT, but I am very diappointed with Paul in Pacific Palace.

    Though Paul in JKT is not pricey compared to one in my hometown, the taste of Paul here is far inferior than that of in my home country.

    Paul can be one of popular spots for upper class in JKT, however I would like to call the attention of its Head Office on quality of Paul here in JKT for the reputation of internationally well known bakery.

  3. I like Erik kaiser better, even though the ambiance of the place is quite bland and cold, my priority is the food and service, I love the food and the bread, the service is also pretty good but paul on the other hand, their ambiance is good but their baguettes isn't as marvellous as erik kaiser, their croissants isnt as good as Erik kaiser, so i prefer Erik kaiser than paul... I actually recommend Erik kaiser

  4. honestly, I used to live in Paris and there is no competition ... Keyser is really providing with exclusive quality products when Paul is just like a franchise with so many shops and corners all over the country.quality is good but nothing to compare these two brands. in JKT i did not experience any of them but for sure quality standards and taste should be better at keyser

  5. Eric Kayser vs Paul??? 100% I choose Eric Kayser!!!