UPDATE SEPTEMBER 14: Saint Louis Lounge is no longer located in Plaza Indonesia. It has been relocated to Jl. Teluk Betung no. 43A near Grand Indonesia.

Saint Louis Lounge is located In Plaza Indonesia, one of the most fancy malls in Jakarta, along with Pacific Place Mall. The place is white, very white, shiny white ! White reminds you of purity and luxury.

This restaurant is owned by Hermès, the famous French Luxury brand. So it has to have a certain standard. I tried the food there and it was really good. This is not a very pricey place but the prices of some items are definitely on the upward trend. The food is mainly French-style and Asian Fusion.

This is a place to be seen, so get dress to impress while going there...

Saint Louis Lounge
Plaza Indonesia L1, 1st Floor
P: (021) 2992-3586

Open everyday from  10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

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