Giyanti Coffee Roastery is located on Jalan Surabaya, in Menteng. This place is so cozy ! It is not only a regular coffee place it is a real roastery. What does it mean ? Well, basically when you get in, you will find 2 big coffee roasters. Fresh coffee is sourced in many islands of Indonesia (Toraja, Aceh Gayo, Flores, Java, Padang among others) and is roasted every week in the coffee place. That is why the place is closed on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays.

The place is quite small actually but that what makes it unique and very comfortable. The owner of the place is always here and he will advice you on what kind of coffee you should have, depending on your tastes and on your mood ! I tried the Gluten-free pastries and that was good, even though I cannot really tell if it was actually gluten-free or not... Price are standard here even though it will be slightly cheaper than a coffee in a Starbucks in a mall.

Other particularity of this place: there is a table soccer (or "Baby-foot" for French speaking people). I have to admit I have been looking for a table soccer for a long time...

Overall I recommend the place for a very cozy afternoon to chill out on the couches, enjoying great Indonesian Fresh-roasted coffee. Too bad the place is not open every day. 

Giyanti Coffe Roastery (Menteng)
Jalan Surabaya No 20
Jakarta, Indonesia 10310

Opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Phone: (021) 31923698
Instagram: Giyanti

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