I went to Spanky's Ribs & Martinis in the Kemang area. This is a pretty recent Restaurant, opened in early 2013, proposing Western food (mostly American) and elaborated cocktails.

This American Restaurant is located on Jalan Kemang Raya, in the busy Kemang area, and offers a wide variety of Meat ( pork and beef, BBQ style), sandwiches and healthy dishes. I tried the specials of the house "the baby back pork ribs" which was very tender and cooked on a grill, which is great for BBQ ribs. The salad on the side was too light for a 185 000 Rp dish though. Globally, high quality ingredients are used in the kitchen, as for the Chocolate Truffle Cake, a real delight !

The food Menu is quite elaborated, for Jakarta's standards and food can be delivered to your home through the website Foodpanda.

I loved the decoration, full of American black and white pictures and wooden objects. The bar is also impressive along with the cocktail menu.

Opening hours:
Everyday from 11:30 AM to 01:00 AM

Spanky's Jakarta
Telephone: (021) 7182876
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SpankysRibs

2 comments to '' Spanky's Ribs and Martinis (American Restaurant in Kemang) "

  1. January 01 2014

    Thoughts - I would go again

    I visited spanky's on the strength of this review. I was not disappointed. We were a mixed group of pork/non-pork eaters so we opted for the beef ribs with the alabama (?) sauce. we were not disappointed. The portion was adequate for two not-staring people. The meal tasted fine and while not exactly tender to the point of falling off the rib, it was a pleasure to eat before an evening of clubbing in the big durian. The total for a few beers and the one portion of beef rib came to about Rp 500.000 and seemed just a little on the high side.

    Decor was nice as well as unique. There is an upstairs area but we didn't check it out. The wait staff were dressed up in holiday garb and were friendly if somewhat inattentive in that particular jakarta way. Bathrooms were fine.

    Side note, they were running a special for buy-one-get-one pork ribs. If the pork is as good as the beef this would be a great deal.

  2. I LOVE Spankys! Love love love. The pulled pork sandwich and the key lime pie are my absolute favourites, and the Chocolate Martini tastes better than the one in Darmawangsa hotel for half the price.
    The staff are super friendly and they do a really great job for my friend who is gluten intolerant.
    Just found out they have beer pong, which I've been interested in trying out so I guess I'll be going there soon!