Paul Bakery is now open in Jakarta, since December 2013. It is located right outside of Pacific Place Mall, near the Galeries Lafayette Department Store. You have 2 entrances : one for the Restaurant, if you want Dine-in, and one for the Bakery and Pastry shop. You also have a second outlet in Plaza Indonesia.

I know Paul Bakery in France which is a widespread Bakery chain. Outside of France, it has a more high class positioning. I went there for Lunch and I took a "Croque Madame", a sandwich with cheese, turkey and egg sunny side-up,  with a salad on the side. There was nothing fantastic about it. I took an Orange juice as a Drink and it was very watery, I could barely feel the Oranges ! In my opinion, the food in the restaurant is average, there's nothing fancy about it ( except for the price).

On the opposite, the Bakery side is very good. They have a whole range of French and European bread which are among the best in Jakarta ! Same thing for the Pastries which are delicious and very tasty. I had a Strawberry Mille-feuilles and it tasted incredibily good. The French Croissant is also very good and is made with real butter.

Overall: I am glad that Paul Bakery and Patisserie finally arrived in Indonesia ! So if you go there, I would recommand the Bakery entrance to try the authentic French-style pastries and tasty croissants. 

Paul Bakery & Patisserie
Galeries Lafayette @ Pacific Place Mall

Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53

Jakarta Selatan 12190

They also have a branch in Plaza Indonesia on the fourth floor.

Phone number : +62-21 5799 3455+62-21 5799 3455

Opening Hours : 10 AM - 10 PM (Monday - Sunday)
Facebook: Paul Bakery Indonesia

If you like French Bakery, you can also go to Eric Kayser (Plaza Senayan)

4 comments to '' Paul Bakery and Patisserie (Pacific Place / Plaza Indonesia) "

  1. had the Viennoise chocolat. I wanted to compare it to the one in bordeaux. the difference is between night and day.

    Bordeaux: it was magical.
    Jakarta's: it was merdegical. tough, served chilled????, cut in the middle, tough, and did i mention it was tough? (when I asked about why it's being cut? sorry I'm a tough customer eh. the waitress was smiling and RELUCTANTLY asked, err why, do you want it to be replaced? for the amount of service charged billed, this is the kind of customer experience I got. another was when one of my friend's mille-feuille got contaminated by a fly, it stuck on the creamy surface. one of the waiter even asked with such doubt, 'was the fly from here?'. WTF?)

    anyways, they charge the same price as they charge in france, I expected to be in similar quality and experience, but sorry Paul Indonesia, you messed up

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  3. Called to book a table for my party of 10 but was told they are unable to accept reservations at this point. Considering the traffic coming in to Paul, being able to take in reservations are CRITICAL.

  4. don t go here! service staff is probably the worst in Jakarta and why you have to pay service charge? Staff tells me can 't serve inside the restaurant only at the terrace and near the counter. the terrace is occupied by a snoozing satpam , tables are sticky and floor is full of cigarette butts. on a positive note they followed my request quite well only to be spoiled by an unwilling staff to write down the bill on a note rather then saying to the guest the total bill. It was embarasing towards the host and level of warung or kaki lima and i'm still fuming as the staff returned my change with a till slip!!!