Manon Chocolatier Patissier is a Pastry and Chocolate shop located on Jalan Kelapa Nias Raya. I stopped by there looking for nice pastries. As you can see the shop facade is very attractive with large signs and shiny pink colours. This building facade is the best thing about this shop! NB: They also have a small shop located inside Mall Kelapa Gading 3.

To be completely honest, I really think that this Pastry Shop is only about nice in-stores displays, shiny colours and nice packaging. I was really disapointed when I tried the pastries inside. 

I had a Hot Chocolate (to go since you cannot seat inside) and it tasted fairly poor. So I was disappointed for a 25,000 Rp beverage. Also I bought a box of chocolate pralines and this was really too sweet and It had sort of bad after-taste. The Macarons, on the opposite, were OK. I liked the wide variety of tastes availables, especially since the Macarons display is located in the main entrance so you cannot miss it.

Overall: I would not recommend this place since you expect a French-style Patisserie but it is actually just a very average cake shop.

Manon Chocolatier Patissier ( Kelapa Gading)
Jalan Kelapa Nias Raya
Blok GN No 6 Kelapa Gading
Jakarta Utara 14240

Open Monday to Sundays 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Telephone: +62-21 4584 7377

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