Colosseum Club used to be called K7 and is now managed by the same group behind Alexis hotel and Emporium Spa. Colosseum is actually the relocation of 1001, which closed in 2012 and was replaced by Illigals... 

I visited the club for the after-party of the State of Trance Tour. It is an excellent club in terms of design, lighting, sound. The crowd was rather upmarket and mixed (foreigners/Indonesians), most of them standing in groups around tables. The dancefloor is pretty small and people are not really mingling with each other.

Music is generally house/EDM, with some famous DJs occasionally. The entrance fee is around IDR200,000.
Colosseum Club Jakarta (1001)
Jl. Kunir No.7
Jakarta, Indonesia 11110
Phone number: 0822-7000-1001

Open on Friday and Saturday until 4am

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  2. The Best Club in Town is HERE !!

  3. Can anyone confirm if Colosseum has extended trading hours like Milles, Millennium & (formerly) Stadium in Kota?

    the "official" 4am closing time is that true?

    Looking for somewhere to go for the late party when in Jakarta. Stadium was always great with 9am close during the week. Was wondering if Colosseum can fill this void left with its closing.

  4. how much money for room packet...??

  5. How the way to get it from jakarta city rail station?

  6. @ AnonymousMay 26, 2014 at 4:49 AM
    It closes around 5am, they don't seem to be pushing that by much at all. Frankly the best (safest?) bet at the moment for continuing on after 5am is to go get a room at the start of the 6am rotation at Illegals.

    @AnonymousJuly 1, 2014 at 10:11 AM
    it's close to kota station (they have map on their website), but why wouldn't you just take a taxi, compared to the cost of everything else, that's going to be the cheapest thing you do all night :)

    @AnonymousJune 9, 2014 at 4:34 PM
    Not to merge karaoke topic with clubbing too much (although the two are certainly not mutually exclusive in Jakarta) I recommend the level 5 karaoke rooms upstairs at Collosseum, which are not so big inside (could fit 10-12 in there ok) but you get a semi-private (adjacent room balcony can see in a bit) balcony with sofa above the club floor, probably could put 5-8 people out there easily enough.

    You can roam from the karaoke down to the club (for free, since you paid for the KTV room) and vice-versa, so go meet a friend and bring them back, or choose from the lineup (aka contest).

    Min charge for level 5 rooms is 3juta on weeknights (it may be slightly higher on weekends), but if you open a couple of bottles (can get 2:1 promotion ~ 2.6jt for 2 Chivas 12, 1 month retention) plus a couple of girls and you hit the minimum anyways. Or, spend it all on booze and BYO lady friends from the dance floor or from outside.

    Do visit this club if you enjoy predominantly dubstep music (seems Tsunami is there favorite athe moment), decent quality sound systems and great lighting, it's really quite spectacular. Price a little higher than say Crown, but it's new, clean and puts on a good show (~100k/pp)

    enjoy n party careful. -bf

  7. For those who never been to Colesseum, about this place there is only one thing to say "wow!" best club in Indonesia.

    Personally I stop clubbing since 2 years ago in Jkt. Only go when friends take (pull) me. But this place if u guys never been is a must go. Best place to hangout with friends. I said friends because there are not many girls available inside for those who looking for ONS, still Cj's, X2 etc is the best choice. Or you can wait till 4am to be able to see available girls.

    It's located on the far ends of Kota area, for so many years kota places sounds creepy for non drug users but this place will bring all high end society to kota for the next 2 years.

    Sounds system was perfect. Laser effects must see.

    I went there last night. Entrance was 200rb with one free drink. It was 6am, main entrance was closed but music was still on.

    Music is fantastic compare to other clubs in Jkt. Where Df, equinox, red square, still possible to listen 3 years old hits. Which is always same music. I don't know why they using djs, it's same music all the time man :)

    Sexy dancers from Romania was crazy, after show they also walk around the tables and don't mind join drinks on your table.

    Toilets were clean, service was perfect, no annoying security all were very polite, and smiling.

  8. can anyone give details price of sofa,balcony and table min charge??
    book first or just come in for table?? advice please^^

  9. @ AnonymousFebruary 15, 2015 at 7:38 PM
    book a balcony KTV room any night Wednesday thru Sunday (on level 5) and you can ask the waiters to open the door to access the club around 10pm. Min charge depends the night, mid week may be around 3 - 4 Jt, end of week maybe around 6-8 Jt (club is not really crowded except fri/sat). There is also a room down at the club level called VIP01 (you can move from the room to the club and back as you please), was there recently on a friday during an event and it cost us minimum charge 6Jt.

    you will need to book 3-4 days in advance at least for a balcony room on a weekend, esp if there is an event on. Mid week you can pretty call in the afternoon and still have a good chance of getting it, but music and atmosphere is better on weekends.

    Notes... minimum charge does not include girls if you take any, so you do need to think in terms of packets of alcohol (3-4-5 jt / 2 bottles) . KTV girls are allowed to visit the club with you, but you will have to pay cover charge (better to get the vip01 if that's the case, no cover charge required). You do not have to take girls from the contest, but having a 1 or 2 in the room helps with things like ordering drinks, food, working how the %&$#@ to use the KTV machine etc. etc.. minimum tip for them expected to be 500k.

    Kota can still be a little rough around the edges, the safest place for partying is on the balcony rooms (a little warm up there, but no drama). Quite a police checks on Gajah Mada lately, if you are partying 'hard' try to stay until closing to minimize drama on the way home (avoid 1-4am if you can), carry a photocopy of passport photo page and some cash just in case (200-300k IDR usually, but best to avoid all together).

    give the KTV a call or drop in (the ktv entrance is just past the main club entrance) , you can try to ask them to give you Mommy YuYu's number, she'll look after you.

  10. I was there on Wednesday for the first time and still don't understand why ppl claim this place is awsome. Just to get a table I had to spend 2.5jt on drinks. If you want a lady to ONLY accompany you.. it's 1.8jt. On a weekday!! WTF??? Yes, the environment is quite upscale and nice but if you're looking to meet girls.. I'd choose other places.

    1. Like what? Am interested in knowing places where table cost is reasonable....I'll be going with a lady companion. I understand the minimum charge is adjusted against a bottle or drinks and I can retain the bottle for a month or so...but the next time I go will I again have to pay for seating?

  11. The pool:
    -Local:1.4mil (30m public pool fun+ 60m in the room).
    -import:2.4mil (same as above)

    Private pool: price × 2 (3hours). Private pool fun.

    Best exp. ever.

  12. Can someone kindly let me know the prices for a Table or a sofa in Colosseum? I would really appreciate the input. Thanks :)

  13. Hi there, any hotels near Colosseum ? I can't seem to find any website for 1001 hotel online. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hi, 1001 can only be booked directly through the hotel. It is bordello more than a hotel, though.

      Here are the best other options near Colosseum:
      BI Executive, 25$ per night
      Le Grandeur , 40$ per night
      Aston Marina , 50$ per night

  14. Is this place good Tues-Thur?
    Any freelancers working this club?