Exodus Club Jakarta (CLOSED)

By Jakarta100bars
Exodus Nightclub is probably the hottest opening of a nightlife venue in Jakarta this year. It is a replacement of Kampus, which had to close a couple years ago, and it is owned and managed by the Stadium group (behind Stadium, Malioboro, Sumo Spa). They are not really into the whole family-friendly thing if you know what I mean...

As in Kampus, the Exodus club combines the undergroundness of Stadium with the respectability of a location in South Jakarta. In the crowd, I think it will be popular with younger people 20-25 and with some expats as well. Probably similar crowd with X2, but more dark and mostly electro.

Exodus is located on 3 floors, and also comprises a restaurant and a lounge with live music. The live music section should attract some local bands and should be interesting. From the restaurant, no need to have too high expectations... Have a dinner there only if you don't have other options...
Contact details:

Exodus 567
Kuningan City Mall 567 Floors
Jalan Prof Dr. Satrio Kav 18
South Jakarta 12940

Phone number: +62 21 3005 6285/6/7
HP: +62 858 11 567 567
BB PIN: 2AB45D77

Twitter: Exodus Jakarta
Facebook: Exodus Nightlife Jakarta

14 comments to '' Exodus Club Jakarta (CLOSED) "

  1. I will be interesting to see if the same party favours found at Stadium will be around here.

    1. No, not at all!

      While it true Exodus is owned by the same group as Stadium, Exodus is in no way a clone of Stadium's "dark side of the force". ;)

  2. They have spend money on the interior. Went to the fine dining area once. The staff is outstanding (which is unusual in Jakarta). Very friendly and attentive.

  3. Interesting you posted photos of the Dining level 6 which at 11pm becomes a club and not the actual club on the floor below level 5.

    The Level 6 Dining has Family Sunday - bring the kids for a special menu and watch family movies on the incredibly huge LED Video Screen at near DVD quality. Drugs? I think not mate! haha

    "Probably similar crowd with X2, but more dark and mostly electro." haha what the fuck are you talking about? Have you ever gone to the club on the 5th floor? Seems not!

    Why not actually go to the 5 Club and revise your review mate!

    There is also the 7th floor Lounge which you left out with very good live acoustic bands and a terrace area.

    Exodus is not an extension of Kota mate, have a look again

  4. On all 3 visits so far and on all 3 floors, the number of staff has exceeded customers by at least 2x. apparently a grand opening on Oct 25. It will need to be grand otherwise Exodus will go down the pan! they don't sell wine by the glass which seems stupid

  5. The staff in Exodus Lounge on top floor was really stupid. They brought 2 menus for 3 guests. Had no idea what a wine is and appeared to be helpless. Total difference from the top notch staff in the dining are midlevel.

  6. Thanks for the review on Exodus Jakarta100bars. Any reviews going up soon for a couple of other new South Jakarta bars?

    1. Alibi - New bar in old Jack Rabbit space by X2/Domain owners

    2. Empirica - New bar/nightclub in SBCD area

  7. their Grand opening gonna be at 25th this month
    anyone get the invitation already will come?

  8. great party! great music! had a good time. one of the best club experience for nightlife in jkt.. good food on 7th floor. lovin the ambience

  9. 01 January 13

    Summary: I would party there again

    Full Rant: I went with a group for a birthday party on a Saturday a few weeks after the club opened. I briefly checked out the restaurant and lounge areas but they were dead. The club itself was relatively uncrowded but the dance floor was lively. Be aware, there were many she-males in attendance. Bathrooms were good, servers seemed attentive, but ice appeared to be an endangered species at the club.

    The DJ was good, the sound system was loud, and the people in attendance were attired along the spectrum of style from very casual to very spiffy. I think this is a place you can dress to impress and not feel out of place.

    There was no cover/FDC the night I went and drink ran the standard range of Rp 50.000 to Rp 150.000 depending on what you wanted.

    A bit of a remote location but well worth a vist.

  10. 08 June 2014

    Summary: First time to exodus in several months and still pretty fun. However, lots of guys

    Full Rant: So the sound system is still good. The dance floor is still crowded. Bathrooms were week maintained. However, service was slower than the first time I went, despite not being packed. I really like the way the bottle service areas are setup. Prices are normal for Jakarta clubs at around Rp100.000 ($10 australia) for a drink. However, there were alot of men compared to women which seems to be a trend in Jakarta now. I didn't notice this issue several months ago. Music was loud as usual, so talking was slightly difficult. People in attendance were fun to be around and meeting new people was easy. I will go back again. Oh, and if it's your first time going, it can be a little diffucult to find in the parking garage. Just ask the staff. Cover was Rp150.000 and included one drink.

  11. Where to get E in exodus?

  12. You should probably note that Exodus nightclub has been permanently closed since May, 2017.