Potato Head Garage (SCBD) (CLOSED)

By Jakarta100bars

Update December 2016: Potato Head Garage has been closed and replaced with The Pallas, an event space managed by the All In Group (owner of nearby Fable).

Potato Head Garage is the new branch of Potato Head, opened where the huge one-stop entertainment complex called Bengkel used to stand (Bengkel means Garage by the way). This area has now some of the most popular bars and nightclubs in Jakarta, including Lucy In The Sky and Fable. Probably the hippest location for nightlife in Jakarta as of today (June 2013). (Updated 2016: And still today)

For this reason, the area has become very crowded at night on Fridays and Saturdays, and it should be a stop for anyone who wants to mingle with the upper Jakartan class. For now there aren't too many foreigners as the availability of easy girls is limited... 

Back to Potato Head Garage: It is not my style but at least it is different from any other venues in the city. It is a huge warehouse-style room, with a 20 meter ceiling, many sofas on the side and a massive bar in the middle. The theme is a bit eccentric, with a sort of chapel next to the bar, a huge classical piano, and dozens of chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Should be visited once.

I noticed the crowd is mostly groups of friends, Indonesians and Indo-Chinese, sitting together and hanging out very casually... The atmosphere reminds me of SHY Rooftop in Kemang... It doesn't get too wild, a bit like a warm-up venue. The most interesting area is the main bar, where you have people who came just alone or by two, and they seem more interested to interact with other people. The music is a bit loud also, not proper for talking when you are in a group. I imagine (I hope) it is different during day time.

I didn't eat in Potato Head Garage, only had a cocktail which costed around 10 USD. This is standard for venues like that in Jakarta.

Overall: Recommended for groups of friends. If you are alone or just with another friend, or on a date, I would avoid. Very trendy place today, but my prediction is that it will not last more than 2 years.

Also, the aircon is extremely cold. We were all freezing inside.
Potato Head Garage
SCBD Lot 14
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 52-53
Jakarta South

Telephone: +62-21 5797 3330
Facebook: Potato Head Garage (from where I took the pictures)

Opening hours:
From Tuesday to Thursday from 6pm to 1am
From Friday to Saturday from 6pm to 2am
Closed on Sunday and Monday

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5 comments to '' Potato Head Garage (SCBD) (CLOSED) "

  1. Too expensive regarding the portion and the taste. Was dined in there about a week ago

  2. wow this place sucks!
    Too cold (both athmosphere and temperature) as well as food. Yes, the food did arrive within 5 minutes of ordering and that should have made me suspicious already. I think they precooked everything and then serve when ordered. The food was cold, yet the taste was so bad it would not have made a difference if it was hot. Overpriced. Inexperienced staff (that's the most forgivable since they newly opened). Overall, my first and also last time. One more dining place which will not live to see the next year and deservedly so.

  3. jan 1, 2014

    Short Version: I have gone back a few times

    Long Story: I've never eaten here but I have had a few drinks at the bar. The service is okay but not fast, however the mixed drinks were well prepared. The bar area is cool and the overall layout of the place is spacious and classy. Imagine that it's like a bigger version of Loewy's with a slightly less sophisticated crowd. The lighting in the place is great. Seems like more of a date place or pre-clubbing place than a venue to meet new people. Drink prices were normal for jakarta. I thought the temperature of the place was fine when I went.

    There was a DJ one night I went but the sound system was terrible and the DJ incompetent. Those two things combined detracted from the evening and we actually left early because of them. The evening would have been better served by listening to internet radio on my iPhone9R.

    1. Potato Head Garage < Loewy in the term of sophisticated crowd? like seriously? *ROTFL*

  4. Sophisticated crowd in Loewys??? Hahaha