Altitude is a group of 3 restaurants located on the 46th floor of the Plaza tower, one of the most expensive office buildings in Jakarta (also home the the Keraton hotel). 46th floor, yes: Great view of course, but make sure to book in advance and ask for a table near the window (if possible in the angle of the building).

Luckily for my wallet, I only tried one of the three restaurants, Gaia, the Italian. The food was good, but not spectacular for the price: 550k for one appetizer and one main course. The quality of the service and the attention that we got, not only from the waiters but also from the managers, including 3 foreigners, may have been what we are really paying in the restaurant.

One thing felt very wrong: The music was clubbing style and they only had one CD. So we had Gangnam Style and Party Rock Anthem twice each in one evening. That's twice too much.

In Altitude, there is also an Australian Steak House (Salt Grill) and a Japanese (Enmaru) that I haven't tried but visited. Salt Grill Jakarta is actually owned, or partially owned, or managed by Luke Mangan. If you don't know who he is, then you are just like me. Wikipedia will tell you that he is a celebrity chef from Australia, and probably a great business man too.

By visiting Altitude, I could not help but think about how the level (and the prices) of the restaurants have improved in Jakarta. We still don't have a Michelin-starred restaurant, but we are going there in a couple years I'm sure.

Altitude is trying to do that, with imported management, imported food & wine, and imported concepts. Altitude is saying: Jakarta can be just like Singapore or Hong Kong. I like down-to-earth restaurants so for sure Altitude restaurants are not what I prefer, but if what you are looking after is more sophisticated dining venues, then you will be happy in either Gaia, Salt Grill or En Maru.

Overall: Recommended if you have the money and/or if you need to impress a date. You can also try the bar area, (officially Cloud Lounge & Living Room) which was rather crowded during my visit (on a Saturday night), and it had a DJ.

Tips: Dress up and book in advance.

Altitude: Gaia (Italian Restaurant), Salt Grill (Australian Grill Restaurant), En Maru (Japanese Restaurant)
The Plaza, 46th floor
Plaza Indonesia
Jl. M.H. Thamrin
Kav. 28 - 30, Jakarta 10350, Indonesia

Phone number: +62-21 2992 2448

Twitter: Altitude

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday from 11am to 11pm
Friday from 11am to 12pm
Saturday from 11am to 2am

12 comments to '' Altitude (Gaia, Salt Grill, Enmaru) @ The Plaza "

  1. Been to the Italian restaurant, good food but pricey. Nevertheless it has a nice view over Bundaran H.I
    Reco for guys who wanna impress his girl.

  2. Visited last night. Salt Grill was okay but nothing too special food wise. Great views though and that above all else is what you are paying for.

    Also note that it is not in the same building (as stated in the article) as the Keraton Hotel which is a separate tower from the Plaza office building. If you come by the after hours entrance on the ground floor used to take the lift to Immigrant you will see the Altitude stand in the Plaza office lobby next to the lifts.

  3. highly not recommended! spent 1,5 million (no alcohol) on a two course meal!! worst of all the meat was burnt which left a bitter taste. meals been sent back, no sorry or excuses.
    took another 30 minutes to wait with an empty stomach.Whilst waiting expat supervisors lounging around , chatting with staff.
    luckily the view was good,hence the exorbitant prices??
    I do not expect a discount.I know locals will not take any action to your complaints, just politely smiling .left fuming. over rated place.

  4. My boyfriend and I dined at Enmaru for his birthday, and the food and view were superb to the point that I recommended my dad (who's the most picky and particular eater I've ever known) to give this place a try. The trip with my dad was extremely disappointing and I was thoroughly and utterly annoyed at the service. Although the food was alright, they didn't serve 2 of our dishes until the end of the dinner. Even worse, both were actually appetizers. Anyways we cancelled both at the end of our dinner, and asked for the bill, which gave rise to another 15 minutes of waiting... The bill came up alright, but of course a little pricey. I was hooked the first time, and completely let down the second. Maybe if the service could be better and they could adjust the price a little more, I'd come back and recommend this place again. However, foodies just be aware that you need some patience here.

  5. Ate at Salt,

    Amazingly disappointing for the price and reputation.
    At a place like this you should be able to expect something like good service and special food.
    Service was sad and the steak I had was poor. Would recommend to go Cork & Screw below or Loewys. Lowever price, not high dining, but solid and nice ambiance.
    Anyway, if you want to show of to a girl with a nice place and prove you can afford it, go ahead...

  6. i went to Gaia on Saturday night, it said need to reservation first, but when i got there, the place quite empty, we spent 1,2 mio for two , just for main dish and drink (we didnt order wine) the place quiet nice but for the price compare the taste was very disappointing

  7. The good restaurant for gaia...n the all staff so hand some...

  8. Went to Gaia few days back. Ordered the risotto with my date. It took almost 1.5hrs from the time we sat down to receiving our food. We even went up to the lounge upstairs to have a few ciggies and came down and yet our food didn't arrived. After dinner adjourned to the lounge upstairs ordered some drinks. The sangria didn't taste as good as I get from SKYE. Overall..dissapointing.

  9. We went to Emaru for a family lunch.
    The view and decoration is a plus.
    The disappointment was the food. With the restaurant at this class and price, we expect a better. Instead, the food was so so, and nothing special..
    The Price however, is unbelievable for that kind of food quality.
    What a disspointment.

    For the manager or the Owner,
    Please do some changes. After all, you want us to write comments, right???

  10. the foods are over price....the taste also

  11. Anyone know which is the access lift to take from Plaza Indonesia to Altitude?

  12. best romantic restaurant is for me