Portérhouse (PIK)

By Jakarta100bars
Portérhouse, located in newly-developed Pantai Kapuk Indah, is one of the main social hubs of mid-to-high class Indonesian in North Jakarta. It is a classic Jakartan hangout place, with a cozy atmosphere, long and communal tables, soft music, and a long list of sweet drinks and snacks. On weekends especially, it gets busy in the evening and you have live music or DJs on occasion.

Considering North Jakarta has a really poor choice when it comes to Western food, Portérhouse can be considered a decent venue with affordable price. Nothing worth coming from South or Central Jakarta if you live there though.

I'd recommend Portérhouse if you happen to be in the area and you are looking for something similar to Bluegrass/Social House in term of crowd and atmosphere (at a lower lever of course).
Opening Hours:
Everyday from 11am to  midnight (2am on weekends).

Rukan Crown Golf Blok B No 38
Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK)
Phone number: +62-21 - 4463 2017
Email: porterhouseind@hotmail.com

Twitter: Portérhouse Jakarta
Facebook (from where the pictures come from): Portérhouse

5 comments to '' Portérhouse (PIK) "

  1. I'd say this one is alright for hanging out casually, but nothing to write home about when it comes to their food. The last time I went there, the cafe next to Porterhouse was so noisy with their music (not the good kind). It kinda ruined the atmosphere.

  2. Tried, and the food was AWFUL!!!
    The worst pasta, quesadillas EVER!

  3. the concept of this restaurant or cafe is quite interesting..
    but POOR service, TASTELESS food, MOSQUITO's problem and Expensive prices doesn't make this place a recommended cafe to have a good time ~.~

  4. I guess you should correct the location into Pantai Indah Kapuk to prevent confusion. I agree with the noisy condition especially when you're having dinner. Better go during lunchtime because it's more comfortable and the waitress will serve you better. I ate the pesto and it was nice (though it was a little bit creamy). The dessert was nice, try the chocolate cake one.

  5. The worst pork kuckle i ever have, i thought they just put the ambience for they selling point not their food