MooVina (Plaza Indonesia) CLOSED

By Jakarta100bars
MooVina was opened by the same team (Svarna Group) behind Ocha & Bella, the popular Italian restaurant on Jalan Wahid Hasyim. The concept of MooVina is similar with long wooden tables and a lot of plants and flowers surrounding the restaurant. There is also a special attention to design with a few surprising items, and most important of all, good food prepared by an imported chef from France.

MooVina is not a copy of Ocha & Bella though. It is inspired by a romantic idea of France for the atmosphere, and the food combines French favourites with Vietnamese grill specialties.

It opened at the beginning of October 2012 and I'm sure it will be quite popular during the next few months. Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts about MooVina on this blog after you've experienced it.
MooVina Restaurant & Bar
Plaza Indonesia 3rd Floor #119 and 4th Floor #06
Jalan M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta, Indonesia 10350

Phone number:
Le Jardin +62-21 299 24567
Mezzanine +62-21 299 23999

Email: whatsup@moovina.com
Website: http://www.moovina.com
Twitter: Moovina Jakarta
Favebook: http://www.facebook.com/moovina/

The photos of MooVina on this blog review were taken on the twitter account of the restaurant.

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16 comments to '' MooVina (Plaza Indonesia) CLOSED "

  1. Stay well clear! Went there for a late lunch around 15h00. Service was mediocre at best, they had nothing of what was on the menu, it took 45 minutes to get a sandwich and when it finally came, it was so small I thought it was a joke. Oh yes, they also didn't know how to process my credit card. Maybe it is because it is new and they need time, but I was very disappointed!

  2. Went there last night and the service was great! Mixologists really knew how to make some less than common drinks. The food menu was extensive and they had what I wanted to order. The guest DJ was excellent and kept the vibe alive. Moovina is not cheap but then again, what is?

  3. I went there twice. The first time I tried Le Jardin because I got recommendations for their desserts. Rsvp and confirmed at 8 pm. Went there only to find out my table is still occupied with somebody else. I had to wait for an hour. Service was BAD. I don't know if I have experienced something worse in my life. The second time I tried the Mezzanine for lunch meeting. My client ordered something that is sold out and no one even bother to inform us. I asked for lemon and they repeatedly gave me lime insisting that it was lemon. Definitely not coming back. The food selection is also a little.

  4. the comment above is clearly a sign by their hostess who should make a better first impression with their so called fully booked restaurant while clearly once seated you don't see any one then me and my friend sitting in an empty restaurant sitting in a designated shitty table.second visit was not good either as the waiter clearly did not understand the logic of ordering the soup from upstairs was sheerly impossible .in the end after long talking it was possible. Moovina tries to blend in French bistro food which is very mediocre despite a French chef walking and texting around with his BB. crab Soup has no character and no texture and the Vietnamese beef with steamed rice was very bland and very confusing. Any fusion restaurant should be avoided. As I have visit the place twice it needs to re train staff, cuisine and fine tune it's concept. Other than that the design looks nice, which is basically banking on to wow hip Jakartans,modern, crappy food dito service.

  5. Buruk.. Pelayanan yg sgt buruk krn kaku, mungkin msh baru... Mknan terlalu asin utk pizza seafood.

  6. fck off with this resto.. i reserved one table for 2 almost 2 or 3 weeks ago, but suddenly they called me and said "udah full book nih, jd ga bisa untuk meja yang di reserved" ..fck off dude, i dont recommend this kind of resto that has no responsibility.. screw up my day dude.. tuh gw kasih nama gw.. cari pegawai yg bener dude, baru BUKA TUH RESTO jgn asal.. jadinya tolol2 kan semua pegawai lu.. jakarta still has lots of places to hang out or celebrate your special day, stay away from this what Pran-k bar n resto? oh my bad, i mean France bar n resto.. oh my bad, but i dont need to appologize, screw u Move-ina

  7. Jose Hady Putera,real classy comment,'dude'.

  8. Fck off, fck off dude, screw u, screw up my day lah, hahahaha, kocak abis comment lu boss, tau lah yang duitnya banyak, wakwkwkawkaw

  9. i went there twice.. the vegie pizza is nice n de desert is also very nice.. love the hospitality wid de warms of de waiters..

  10. Went there several times for drinks or food. I am surprised by the bad comments here, they have an amazing drinks menu probably better than most of places in Jakarta, and the mixologists are really good and smiling!

    It is not a fine dining restaurant, but the food is good for the price. I brought my french partners for dinner and they were really happy.

    Plus being used to the crappy commercial music of most places, i am delighted by the lounge electronic music there mixed with a well studied light that settle a very good atmosphere.

    Please keep going in that way Moovina, and maybe go for more nightlife than restaurant!

  11. I when there twice... the service was good... cmn yg terakhir ksna 2 mggu lalu bnyk indianya...

  12. I went there just last Saturday with all my pure Indonesian friends (not being racist but to make it clear in conjunction to my comments). There were 6 of us, and we first didn't get a table so they sent us to Le Jardin downstair to wait for our table at around 10ish. They kept their promise as we got the table at exactly 10. The service was good in general, the mixologist even made a customaized cocktail as to my personal request. But the best part was when I went to the ladies room, I told the janitor that there was no hand-soap left in one of the washbasins. She said she had reported to her supervisor, however it hasn't arrived. So I developed a small conversation, and she revealed that she just turned 17 and she only a Junior High School graduate. That hit me! Before I went to this place, I did research about this place's reviews, and of course there are positive and negavtive reviews. However, this janitor lady is just an example of how human the management to let them work there although it might not be the best job in the world, but she doesn't have to stand in the street for money. To all the snob people who want to be seen in this kind of place, what an irony actually that you all splashing cash that this little girl makes for the whole year in just few hours. When I went back to see her again, she left already and I did ask the manager about her name and her shift. I definitely will come back to see her again. Is there anyone here willing to help me make changes? Please email me tikafadly@gmail.com Thanks everyone and have a great day :)

  13. I plain to visit Moovina this week. This place sound very nice and I hope what I heard about this place is true. Thanks, nice share :)

  14. The DJ was awesome,played hits musics, but unfortunately it's not many guest who came to that place, eventhought sat nite.

  15. I went there almost 4 times a week for lunch or dinner. Very nice place to escape from the hectic activities in a city such jakarta. love the interior in Le Jardin and Mezzanine. Love the DJ's, the drinks are just awesome! They have really good price for bottle packages and a huge selection of wine.
    J'ADORE MOOVINA :) :) :)

  16. Hi T, went to Moovina last December for my friend's birthday bash. It was...empty.