I visited Otel Lobby just before Ramadhan, and was quite disappointed by the place. This lounge/restaurant was opened by a famous Indonesian socialite, Gaby Bakrie, the wife of one of the brothers of Aburizal Bakrie. As such, it is popular with Jakarta's richest.

We ordered 3 burgers (I wish we had tried more dishes but that's all that we wanted...) which were OK but the meat was rare, with blood dripping all over our hands when we were eating. My two carnivore friends had no problems with that, but I thought it was disgusting and could not finish.

The music was loud and terrible: Lady Gaga, Rihanna, David Guetta... The same you would get in X2 or Red Square, even though it was 7pm, in a restaurant supposed to be stylish.

The atmosphere of the place was dull, very un-happening. It was crowded, but the tables are so far from each other that it doesn't feel lively.

Overall: I will not return to Otel Lobby because even though it is expensive and pretentious, it fails to deliver on the basics. Just after our food was finished, we actually moved to nearby Bluegrass to have a drink.
Otel Lobby Jakarta
Bakrie Tower Annex Building
Jalan Epicentrum Tengah
South Gate Entrance
Kuningan, South Jakarta

Phone number: +6221-299-41324

Twitter: http://twitter.com/otellobby
Email: dissa@otellobby.com
Website: http://otellobby.com

Opening Hours
Everyday from 11am to 12pm (until 2am on weekends)

6 comments to '' Otel Lobby (Kuningan) "

  1. we love otel lobby and the food and service are great.. you came on a bad start and should give it a try one more time.

  2. I love the place too.....never try the food, but I like the atmosphere.... yeahhh the drink is so so.....

  3. on a monday it's very dull there.staff is mostly dreaming even two people are waving at them to get their attention. the two in one menu is very dull with croquet falling apart and the cocktails are not nice too.

    its very dark and yep music is a laugh with it's loud to soft volume up n down.

  4. i like the ambience and it really a nice place to hang out with friends, the food is a little bit expensive but it tasted good. but i think the services is really bad, because they got my order wrong.

  5. so that's where Bakrie corruption money gets invested

  6. The service could be improved. Love the meat dishes like beef tongue and wagyu shank. If you r hunting for coffee, try their house blend Sumatra or Toraja coffee. The concept of the music is not clear. But it was voted as the best (don't remember) by one of magazine.

    More? http://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Restaurant_Review-g294229-d2416280-Reviews-Otel_Lobby-Jakarta_Java.html

    Btw, comment should be about the place. Not bad-mouthing someone without any proof. *wink