Eating Snakes in Jakarta

By Tibs
During a trip to Mangga Besar, I found those restaurants serving cobras in different forms (Sate Cobra, Cobra Soup, Grilled Snake, etc...). I was not really in the mood for trying but I took a few pictures...

If you are interested, they are quite easy to find, on the main street, approximately 2 kilometers east of Jalan Hayam Wuruk. You call also try this one more particularly:

King Cobra
Restaurant & Medication
Jalan Mangga Besar Raya No93C
Phone Number: +62-21 629 6087

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3 comments to '' Eating Snakes in Jakarta "

  1. I've tried sate cobra and biawak (it's a big lizard). It was pretty good. Sate cobra's taste was similar to lamb satay in Indonesia and served with peanut sauce. I don't really remember how was sate biawak taste, but I think it's not much different to sate cobra.

  2. Hi, tried snake today also. Snake satay was good and cost 30000idr and 2000 for Rice. However i did not know that the dinner meny is on Page 3 etc. Did the mistake of ordering a snake combo at 150000, which turné out to be snake blood and liver hehehe. IT is supposedlygood for energi and sexual Stalins haha. However, tastes like a shot you once in a while ordet in a bar, and that you know vettet than to drink, men ut you still do IT hehe. Gonna check the stamina part tonight hehe.

  3. "IT is supposedlygood for energi and sexual Stalins haha"

    So you get a boner, grow a mustache and take over Russia?