Fable is a new club opened in Fairgrounds (ex-Bengkel). Perfectly located in the center of the city and with an underground vibe, it has the potential of becoming a favourite of Jakarta nightlife. 

They've already had some interesting events in the past few weeks, with soul & hip-hop music as the main genre.

February, a reader of this blog sent me this interesting review that I'm sharing with you (Thanks to her!):

"I went to Fable on a Friday night. After reading the comment on this blog, I was prepared for the hostess to be rude and dress up to the nine. To my surprise, they were very nice and friendly and what more...free entrance.

I recommend the club goers to come after midnight because that’s when the party started. The music is mainstream R&B and hip hop. A little bit cheesy but the ambience is really nice: hardwood floors, sunroof top ceilings and cosy outdoor area.

It is definitely the place to go for those who like the friendly crowd of X2 but would prefer less-smoky and fancier club.

The crowd is mainly upper class Indonesians within young to very young demographic (early 20s). One guy told me he’s 18 (!) although I doubt it; he seems way younger than that.

Waitresses give away glow bracelets and necklaces to early birds and right after midnight, a number of hot and friendly hostesses swarm the dance party and make the party livelier. They pour shots of unknown liquors for those who don’t mind swapping bodily fluid with strangers (I keep thinking about the many mouths that shot pourer touches...but then again, it’s just me).

My friends and I ordered 1 bottle of gin and it cost us around 1.2 million rupiahs. I praise the waitresses and bartenders who are very helpful. The service is prompt and just right, not too intrusive. Based on my experience, one does not need to wait long to be served at the bar either.

Pet peeve: Wouldn’t it be nice if they actually make smokers smoke in the outdoor area? It’s just a couple of steps away. One can only hope.

Recommendation: dress up and be friendly.

Conclusion: I would definitely go back to Fable on a Friday night.
Fable Club
Kawasan SCBD
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 52-53 Lot 22
South Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: +62 21 515 5008 or +62 8119590668  or +62-21 5151 501
More information (I took the pictures of these sites):
Facebook: Fable Jakarta

20 comments to '' Fable Club @ Fairgrounds (Jakarta) "

  1. it is a club or lounge like shy rooftop?

  2. apart from the hideously idiot PR girl in shorts at the front door, the club is nice with a good outdoor seating as the music is way too loud

  3. Is the PR girl named Ursula Wantah? She's a total twat!

  4. Fable is awesome. Ursula is a kind girl.0nly party people know how to party

  5. a nice place with nice service as well as far as ive been there, maybe you are still underage? fable is very strict with their house rules!!!

  6. What's with the Ursula Wantah?

  7. I'm here now and it fucking sucks ! This is the worst place apart from there being girls getting paid to dance 500,000 rp a night this place has wayyyyy more men then women .... My advice find another place if you want to have a good time

  8. sick fuck! i'm underage and the idiotic receptionists hold me at the entrance door. so i just throw 100grands away on security staff's face, then he simply get me in. FUCK YOU IDIOTIC RECEPTIONISTS!

  9. i dont think underage should come here, they are loud and obnoxious, which i still can tolerate but when they start acting like a retro punk i will for sure pummel their face. so kiddo dont come here because i will beat the shit out of you

  10. before midnight they have good R&B soul live music, I really enjoy the music
    Dark,classy n luxury designed with good sound sistem, less hectic place
    a bit weird that a place like this is filled with youngsters like in age twenties. I think it would be match older n rich people. Not a place to find whore. I like the vibe.
    no cover charge. recommended for music lover

    After midnight they remove the live music equipment and change it to DJ and discotheque mode. Too bad I didn't stay later to find out how it was

  11. who is the owner of Fable Club?

  12. "It fucking sucks" must be a Brit. Maybe that slimebag Greensnot

  13. agreed. service here is terrible! the other day I came I paid using my debit card and their machine failed however they blamed it on me. and thought I had no money in debit card. so for their flaw in their system (and keep in mind they have already blamed me for not having money), I had to walk all the way to the nearest atm machine alone at 3am in the morning to pay them in cash. and in the end all I get is a whimsy sorry. honestly the manager needs to check the attitude of their staff. I thought this was suppose to be jakarta's best club. sorry i cant have fun if your staff are rude and impolite.

  14. The first club I have been to since moving to Jakarta. Way too much smoking going on, as with the rest of JKT.

    The space decor is not too interesting apart from the little tunnel you walk through when you enter.

    It's alright, not amazing but not bad.

  15. First club I went to in Jakarta...damn nice! BUT...it's true, not a place to find whores...it's more like a club for spoil kids but i guess it's okay since I am one XD

    Only party people knows how to party no matter where
    Advice : better to go here with party people to pump up the atmosphere!

  16. 01 January 2014,

    Short: Great club after midnight

    Long: This is a club with a few reserved seating areas. The women are generally well dressed and out to have fun. No working girls. The guys are either Indonesian or white and generally dress casually. The service was average for Jakrata. FDC was around Rp 200.000 for men and either free or the same for women depending on the time of night. Drinks were in the normal range for Jakarta clubs. There were an inadequate number of toilets for men. The temperature of the club was great for an energetic night of dancing.

    The dance floor is big enough for 100 tightly packed people and that's how it gets after midnight. The DJ was good everytime I have gone which was always Friday and Saturday nights. They have an interesting laser effects system as well as fog machines. There is also a cool overhead window above the bar.

    Fable is located in the same building as Potato head Garage and Lucy in the Sky. It is also close to Beer Garden, Foundry 08, and Empirica.

  17. I'll be 19 this september, and I've been there like 3 times. Most recently last friday (9/4/14) on sick individuals event. It's nice because most of the people there are my age, at least until 2am, after that older people will dominate the place.
    On my first and second visit, I don't really mind my negative experience about this place; I hate people who smoke on the dance floor (I mean like when I get home I smell like I went to tobacco factory), and the music is just way too loud, when I finally get out of the venue I can barely hear anything on normal speaking voice.
    On my 3rd visit, I actually had a good night until some creepy stranger tried to kiss me on my way out of the ladies room and did inappropriate thing (even though i'm pretty sure he's sober) which made me really mad and called for security, the stupid thing was, the one who apologize was the security and not that creepy guy. After that I just left the club. I don't know if i want to go back after that incident. This place is nice but it kinda has imbecile crowd. Sigh

  18. The music is too loud. Even for me.
    -10000000 for the cigarette's smokes. That's just the worst part of this place
    and you can find lots of University of Indonesia's students here

  19. Fable is definitely not a place to find whores :) people are go here to have a real fun with their friends :)

    Wednesday is usually in house event and they usually make charge but only for men free for woman! (lucky me)
    Thursday is Campus Night (oh how i love Thusrday) - you will meet bunch of Uni kiddos. and its free entry..

    so far Fable is the best club for Campus Night i think ;) i love this place. -AP