Alcoholics Bar & Grill (Kemang)

By Jakarta100bars

Alcoholics Bar & Grill opened at the end of April 2012 next to KOI Kemang. The originality with the place is that everything sold on the menu has been cooked using Alcohol. Personally, I think the concept could be effective, but the name of the restaurant is too ambiguous and misleading. We will see how it goes, but I'm afraid it will not attract the right customers...

Alcoholics Grill & Bar
Jalan Kemang Raya No 72
South Jakarta
Phone number: +62 21 7195675


4 comments to '' Alcoholics Bar & Grill (Kemang) "

  1. Personally I think the name of the place is very original and it also reflects on the concept of the restaurant. In terms of customers wise, yes, it's not really open to the general masses, but I think there are customers are willing to try something different and cool, ultimately, they are not making people (the customer) to be an alcoholic. :)


  2. I love this place!! Not crowded, good music, good place to chill and girls talk. Especially on Monday - Wednesday, they have buy 1 get 1 free promo for all martinis! Must try their roast almond martini.

    Their food is also aaaaaammazingg.. Must try the baby back pork ribs and the crispy pork belly with oh so good mashed potatoes.

  3. Very friendly staff. Even the owner takes care of the customers. Drink and Foods are very reasonably priced. A very good place to chit-chat with your friends, or to spend quality time your boy/girl friend. They also have resident DJ. Now it's my favorite chill out place in Jakarta.

  4. It does have good food and excellent service. The owners are so humble and lovely. I would definitely recommend Alcoholics. I love how they dress the side salads when most places plop on a few pieces of lettuce and shredded carrot dry. It is a shame that it's not as lively, but you can always bring a great group of people then drink and eat the night away