Beautika is the most reputed Manadonese restaurant in Jakarta, and my second favourite after Ikan Tude. It actually started as a beauty salon (hence the name), which was also serving some specialties from Manado. With time, the food became the main source of revenue for the owner and he finally opened a proper restaurant in 2001.

The food, as spicy as spicy can be, is mostly delicious and authentic. 2 problems: I imagine that the fish is frozen and I believe they do not serve pork. For these reasons, it won't save you a trip to Manado if you want to experience the original taste...

At last, it is way too expensive. My total bill for two people was Rp350,000, and we only had about 5/6 dishes to share.

Overall: I recommend Beautika for anyone who wants to try quality Indonesian food, regardless of the price, in a clean/hygienic setting. The atmosphere is rather functional: Tables and a TV, so I wouldn't advise it for a date or for important dinners.

Beautika Tanah Abang
Jl. Abdul Muis No. 70 A, Tanah Abang V         
Tlp. 021 - 381.2340
Fax. 021 - 350.5162

Beautika Kebayoran Baru
Jl. Hang Lekir No. 1, Kebayoran Baru
Tlp. 021 - 722.6683
Fax. 021 - 739.6137


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