Bebek Kaleyo (Guest Post By SZ)

By Jakarta100bars
Restaurants specialised in duck are not common in Jakarta. We found a very good one, having various branches all over the town.

The one we tasted is the Tebet one. It looks like a big garage with lights, fans, and many tables. At lunch time, the restaurant was absolutely full : When a customer was leaving, another one came just after him.

The menu is very simple, you get your food very quickly and it is succulent and cheap (Rp.19.000++ for one portion of duck with rice). We tried bebek goreng (fried chicked) and bebek bakar (grilled chicken), and you can also add extra snacks like Tempe etc.

The place is clean, the waiters are nice and people eat with their fingers : Strongly recommended !

Rating : 8/10

Contact details :
Bebek Kaleyo Tebet
Jl. Lapangan Roos 49
Tebet - Jaksel
Phone : +62-21-95 2000 88

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