Surprisingly for the capital of the largest Muslim country in the world, the number of Arab or Middle Eastern restaurants in Jakarta is quite low. I've counted about 25 of them, and I've tried 15. It may seem like a lot, but since Jakarta is so spread, you're not likely to have more than just a few near where you live.

The good thing is that within these, most of them are decent and affordable. In particular, I advise you to try one of the Yemeni restaurants that offer the best value-for-money and the most authenticity.

Here are my favorite Arab or Middle Eastern restaurants in Jakarta:

1) Al Nafoura (Lebanese)

2 Al-Jazeerah (Yemeni)

3) Turkuaz (Turkish)

4) Sinbad (Syrian/Yemeni) - Review not posted yet, the restaurant is located Jl. K.S. Tubun Raya No. 2 in Slipi (Tel: +62-21 530 8366)

5) Beirut Lebanon (Lebanese)

6) Hadramout (Yemeni)

As usual, I will update this list as I discover new restaurants. You're welcome to comment as well. Also in case you are looking for Arab bars and clubs, there is a very popular one on Jalan Sudirman called De Leila.

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  1. Thank you for interest address
    And I would like added new restaurants through the following links

    Ya Hala Resto Cafe
    Thamrin Residence
    Blok RTD/LG/D17&D18
    Jl.Kebon Kacang Raya CBD Area
    Jakarta Pusat 10430
    الفيس بوك:
    Facebook:Yahala RestoCafe
    Jakarta 02129932555 -Puncak 02518250999

  2. new turkish restaurant just open at near wolter monginsidi street, i forget the name but they have SUPER TASTE there!!!!!!!! awesome!!!!!!!

    1. You mean Turkuaz. He already mentioned in number 6

    2. Have new one turkish & arabic restuarant cafe also, the name is "ISTANBUL TURKEY RESTAURANT & CAFE, Jl. Ampera Raya No. 7 Kemang Jakarta, Phone : 021-78836363 / 081294541506, cheaper than TURKUAZ and delicious also

  3. Is there any vacancy for arab chef
    Thank you

  4. there is an arab restaurant on Jalan KS Tubun 15-17 Petamburan, next to the African Stuff shop. It's called Al-Hilal Restaurant and it serves various arabic dishes including Nasi Kapsah and Nasi Kebuli.

  5. There is a new morrocan restaurant in Lippo Mall Kemang Kingcouscous

  6. There is a new morrocan restaurant in Lippo Mall Kemang "Kingcouscous"

  7. hi Im flying to Jakarta tomorrow you mentioned arab bars and clubs what els may you recommend apart from delayla