Skygarden (Kuta)

By Tibs
Sky Garden is probably one of the best clubs in Bali at the moment. I'm sure tons of people hate it because it is very commercial and mainstream, but the fact is, it is always full and happening. Actually, for many tourists, Bali nightlife equals spending the whole night in Sky Garden.

The official name of Sky Garden is "61 Legian", a huge entertainment complex with 7 different areas and Sky Garden is just one of them (the rooftop on top of the building). The other ones are:
ESC Urban Food Station: A food court opened until 5am
Blarney Stone: An Irish Pub with sports, live music, premium beer and pub food
Club Cyclone: The room with House Music
Brandy's Club: The room with RnB music
Heineken Beer Garden: Self-explanatory
VIP Gold Pass Lounge: For the wannabe VIP

Two new areas should open soon:
The VIP Sky High Club: For the VVIP
George's Sports: Open 24/7 with sports, beer and food
The design of the whole ensemble is remarkable, exactly how I like a club to be:  It is easy to get lost, or meet people as you walk from one room to the next, entering each time in a different atmosphere. The crowd is dominated by Australians in their 20s, followed by Indonesians (among which some working girls). It gets crazy on most nights, and you should not be surprised to see a few people being escorted out because they are too drunk to stand on their feet.

Another good thing about Sky Garden is that the entrance is free, so if you are not sure whether you will like it or not, you can always check inside first. If you order drinks though, it will be more expensive than the average for Kuta (Rp50k for a beer if I remember correctly).

You should check their facebook here for special events, including sexy dancers, bartender shows, and guest DJs.
61 Legian "Sky Garden"
Jalan Legian No. 61
Phone number: 0361 755423
Website: SkyGarden Kuta

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8 comments to '' Skygarden (Kuta) "

  1. Free entrance only for bules. Locals have to pay.

  2. Are you sure about that? I am a foreigner but I was with a group of Indonesian friends and they all got in for free (but had to pay in Paddy's and Bounty).

    Anyway, it is really lame to discriminate against Indonesians in their own country. Sky Garden should be ashamed.

  3. The Indonesians have to pay to enter, but they get a token for a drink. It is actually in their advantage.

  4. "(among which some working girls)" Some? Most nights around 50...

  5. That's right, the local people have to pay.

  6. Well an indo girl can get in for free if she's accompamnied by a bule... Otherwise she has to pay, yes. No wonder why those places get bombed from time to time...

  7. it is now 75 k for local...but first drink is free for them...worth it.

  8. 75k then u got 2 reg bintang bottles