Indian restaurants are relatively easy to find in Jakarta, and their overall quality is decent. The most authentic and cheapest options are usually located where the Indian community lives (mainly in Sunter and Pasar Baru), while in the the Center and in the South, where expatriates live, you have some more expensive and stylish restaurants. 

Here is my list of Jakarta's best Indian restaurants, by category:

- Indian restaurants with both excellent food and atmosphere (Fine Dining):
1) Kinara (Kemang Raya No. 78-B, Phone number: +62 21-719 2677)
2) Hazara (click to read my review on this blog)
3) Ganesha Ek Sanskriti (BRI II Building, Jl Jend Sudirman Kav 44-46., Phone number: +62-21 5719415 / 5713567)
4) Ganesha Ek Sanskriti (Kemang Square Lt 2, Jl Kemang Raya No 5., Phone number: +62-21 7196837).

- Indian restaurants with good food and average atmosphere
1) Queen's Tandoor (click to read my review on this blog)
2) Queen of India (Sunlake Hotel, Jalan Danau Permai Raya Blok C, Sunter, Phone number: +62-21 6583 1477): Same owner as Queen's Tandoor, same opinion.
3) Namaste Hindustan (click to read my review on this blog)
4) Komala's (Sarinah Building Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.11, Phone number +62-21 3903 533): 100% Vegetarian.
5) Royal Kitchen (Bellagio Boutique Mall, GF 16 Kawasan Mega Kuningan, Phone number: +62-21 3002 9975): Great brunch on Sundays for Rp69,000++.
6) Koh-e-noor (Pasar Festival GF, Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav. C-22, Phone number: +62-21-527-6531): Moderately priced, serves Indian and Pakistani favourites
7) Man Aur Tan (Manhattan Hotel, Jalan Prof. Dr. Satrio, Phone number: +62-21 3004 0888): I didn't try it yet, and there hasn't been a lot of buzz about it so far.

- Cheap Indian restaurants with decent food:
1) Taj Mahal (click to read my review on this blog): Must-try, cheap, friendly and authentic.
2) Bombay Tandoori (click to read my review on this blog): Slow service, but cheap and decent.
3) Martabak Har (Jl. Hayam Wuruk No.19, Phone number: +62-21 3506 094): Cheap, but limited choice of food.
4) Restaurant Pakistan (Jl. Fatmawati 23, Phone number: +62-21 7504 037): Mainly Pakistani food, around Rp60,000 for a meal.
5) Rumah Makan Rasa Sayang (Jl. Paradise Barat Raya Blok K-31 Sunter, Phone number: +62-21 6450 367): I once went to Sunter's "Little India" just to eat in Rasa Sayang, but I wasn't able to find the restaurant. Since Sunter is quite far from where I live, I'll try again but not soon. Your comments are welcome.

- Restaurants serving a mix of continental and Indian food:
1) Satoo in Shangri-La Hotel (click to read my review on this blog)
2) Eastern Promise (click to read my review on this blog)
3) Frontpage (click to read my review on this blog)

I've called each places before posting this review, so on October 2011, all the Indian restaurants listed above were operating. If you hear about any changes, please let me know.

27 comments to '' The Best Indian Restaurants in Jakarta "

  1. Thanks me landed here 2 weeks back and basis ur website visted kinara, ganesh really a good place for some good indian food... thanks a lot for the information...

  2. Have you tried the Indian place at la Piazza in Kelapa Gading? Ayam biryani was amazing and reasonably priced. Will have to return soon to test the rest of their menu.

  3. Do not visit Taj Mahal, it's dirty, very unhygienic, slow service and costly too... Waste of time, energy and money

  4. Hazara is worth the money , hands down the best of Jakarta , great service and selection the Face bar next to the restaurant has the best n nonsense cocktail bar tender of Jakarta.

  5. Visited Gurjari located in La Piazza mall (North Jakarta)& Queen's Tandoor at Permata Plaza (Central Jakarta). While Gurjari was OK-OK to nice; Queen's was very nice to excellent.

    Thanks for this article by the way!

  6. Kinara is definitely recommended although it's pricey. Food is great and their ambience is beautiful. very nicely decorated interior. But you can try their Sunday brunch at Rp. 125,000++ includes free flow of juice and lassi from 11:30am. It's worth to try without burning your pocket. If you go on ala carte, surely you will spend at least like 400 to 500K for a dinner for two.

  7. try waytuki vegetarian in jalan pintu air, decent food

  8. Man aur Tan (at Manhattan) is a very clever name indeed. Wordplay on Manhattan Hotel. Man aur Tan loosely translates into - Mind and Body!

  9. Koh-e-noor - My office is pretty closeby; and let me tell you thats not the only reason i eat there. It is really good and cost effective. Try seaseme naan and Banarsi dum alu as veg option and never forget to have jalzeera, worth it

  10. Please update the review and kindly check for Samy's Curry Restaurants, a franchise from Singapore. There are three restaurants, in Pacific Place, in Jl Samanhudi and in Rasuna Said/Kuningan respectively. After visiting these restaurants, I think you can make some changes on the list that you have now. Thanks.

  11. Samy'a curry only nice for their fish head curry. Their so called bento, either vegetarian, beef or seafood just so-so. Their speciality fish cake sucks big time, the other ala carte food just so-so

  12. Samy's only fish curry is good. They always run out or don't have the other stuff. Services is very poor too.
    Kinara is very expensive. Food good quality but everything is very salty. lovely ambience.

  13. Hi everyone,
    No one has commented on komalas. Personally I like the south Indian thali as northbindian food tastes the same whatever dish u order. Price wise, it s cheap for central jkt. Also, the other south Indian food r great. Like the thosai n idli. I know it's vegan but occasionally it's a good change.
    Thanks for all urban reviews. It's very helpful.

  14. hi guys,
    just went to Le Mint the other day, was pretty surprised that the indian vegetarian food tasted like the real indian ood which you can only get in india. the ambiance is cozy, service was excellent as well. the indian beverages were delicious. they also sell eggless cakes and breads, which are excellent. and the pan korma was good as well. the price range is reasonable. i found out this place from their facebook fanpage

  15. Gurjari in La Piazza is the worst Indian restaurant in Jakarta....I advice nobody to go their....waste of time and money....service is awful....customer service and treatment is third grade....they have same gravy for every dish..only the name and colour changes....waste of my money

  16. Has anyone tried Amaya restaurant on Jalan Veteran?

  17. What about Royal Kitchen Indian restaurants in Pluit and Bellagio? Are they any good?

  18. Amaya restaurant has very tasty food and good ambience. When i went we were the only couple with a live music, it was great. Food too is hot and gr8 in taste...Must to go

  19. i come for years at hazara , eating the same food yes but have regular parties as i drink first some the best cocktails at Face Bar and move on to the restaurant. never had a bad dish great service and management

  20. Hello.. I am travelling to Jakara for a business trip.. I am a pure vegetarian.. is there any good local vegeterian food items, which can be tried.. thanks

  21. You can add Dapur Bollywood@Pasar Festival Kuningan under Cheap Restaurants with decent food.

  22. Rasa Sayang in Sunter Area Is No More Operational ,, So pls do not go that side to waste your time ,,

  23. Another good reasonably priced restaurant is Gokul resto at Pasar Baru.. their biryani is amazing.. awesome to even go at tea timefor their chai and snacks.. probably time to update your list! Thanks for the great review..

  24. If you go to the Sikh temple in Jakarta, the one in Pasar Baru, they serve Indian food for free every morning to anyone who goes there. I was invited by a friend and the food is great! You don't have to be Hindi or Sikh to go but you must cover your head, take off your shoes and wash your hands.

  25. I find Indian food in Jakarta more costly then in Singapore, in Malaysia you can get Indian food much cheaper then Jakarta may be 1/3rd price of Jakarta.if staying long term then better to cook at home...

    1. Hi I have been here in Jakarta for a few months. I would like to taste the south Indian mutton biriyani . I want to know the availability of the biriyani. in your restaurant.

  26. Hi , i am planning to visit Indonesia and i am very much foody and love to try new Cuisines please recommend me any Tasty and economic restaurant