Trio is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Jakarta: It was opened in 1947 by Lam Khai Tjioe, Tan Lung and Tan Kim Po. It is still a family business today, managed by Lam Khai Tjioe's son, Effendy Sumartono.

I don't know how it looked like back then, but I imagine that it hasn't changed much over time. You have about 10 basic, wooden tables, some information about the menu on the walls, and a small store at the counter. No air-con in Trio, which means that for lunch it feels hot, and for dinner you get bitten by mosquitoes.

In spite of its vintage look, it still attracts a large variety of customers, both Indonesian and Chinese, from different social backgrounds.  You shouldn't be surprised to see a wealthy family living in Menteng sitting next to a more modest employee, a rare sight in Jakarta where each social class usually stays within the boundaries of its own territory.

The menu is extraordinary long, with 314 different dishes (I counted). Most of them are Cantonese but you also have all the Indonesian favourites. We ordered the following:
Nasi Cap Cay (Rice with Vegetables, Rp22,500)
Kodok (Frog Legs, Rp65,000)
Bebek Panggang (Roasted Duck, Rp85,000)
Considering the price, the whole meal was excellent value and much more tasty than in many fancier restaurants in Jakarta. I still prefer a few joints in Chinatown in the same category, but in this part of town, Trio is probably among the best.

Overall: Authentic restaurant, recommended to those who like spending just the right amount for their food, and don't mind a no-frills environment.
Opening hours:
Everyday, lunch from 10am to 2pm and dinner from 5pm to 9.30pm

Restoran Trio
Jl. R.P Soeroso No29A (Gondangdia Lama)
Jakarta 10350
Phone number: +62-21 319 36295

3 comments to '' Restoran Trio (Cikini) "

  1. 314 dishes?? What else... this resto looks like a droguery : 5/10

  2. This is the best Chinese resto in Jakarta, it's been there since my mom was in school and she's almost 70 years old now... the taste never change since i was a kid... it's still our favorite Chinese restaurant, but the place is so vintage it's like a dump

  3. A restaurant with a lot of memorable history..It was the place where my parents had their first date. The taste does remain the same after all these years.Unpretentious eatery and some of the server has been working for many many years