Portico is a restaurant and bar located partly in the open air, in Senayan City's ground floor. It is supposed to be a chic venue, and most of the crowd here is from upper-class Indonesian and Chinese families, with some expats as well. I visited Portico twice, and my two experiences were very different. 

The first time, it was in the middle of the afternoon: The venue was empty, and both the outside and inside areas were too hot. Since the walls are made of glass, I guess that when the sun is up, you cannot really avoid it. I also think that their terrace does not have a pleasant view. As you can see on the pictures, all you can look at is the Plaza Senayan mall, and the traffic jam on Jalan Asia-Afrika. If you try the terrace in Union, Loewy or Potato Head, it is much more enjoyable.
View from the terrace in Portico
I came back a second time to Portico, at night, and the atmosphere was nicer, more intimate. Instead of cars, you only see their lights passing by, and there was a little wind cooling down the place. It was much more crowded too, with lounge music in the background. I know they have some good events occasionally, in particular guest DJs. You could check their facebook page for more information (see below).

Overall: Avoid Portico during the day (nearby Union is better), and visit it at night only if you like posh places with rather expensive prices. I didn't try the food there unfortunately, no idea what it is worth. They also seem to have a large selection of wines and champagne.
Opening hours:
Everyday from 11am to 1am

Portico Terrace and Bistro
Senayan City, Ground Floor
Jalan Asia-Afrika Lot 19
Jakarta 10270
Phone number: +62 21 7278 1641

Facebook: Portico Jakarta
Twitter: @Porticojkt

2 comments to '' Portico Terrace and Bistro (Senayan City) "

  1. Portico it is nice place to hangout with friends, but it is expensive foods and beverage. If you cant affort it well dont come there

  2. we went there sunday afternoon last week and the outside terras was very enjoyable.. about 4 other people.. they have 3 sets of couches.. rest is tables.. they have air fans blowing to us making it nice and cool.. the traffic was hardly to hear.. it was nice... the food however is a bit weird... lemon sorbet topping a smoked salmon salad which we had to dig up from the salad on top... and the beef carpacio turned out to be a salad dish with slices of smoked dry beef charcuterie.... would go again for a drink and cool outside sitting but not for food... i go for a bali stark wheat draft beer instead...