Mamink Daeng Tata is a famous Indonesian restaurant, with mostly food from Makassar, Sulawesi. They have branches in Tebet, Permata Hijau and Pasar Minggu. I tried the one located on Jalan K.H. Abdullah Syafii'e, which is quite easy to find: Coming from Jalan Rasuna Said, you need to follow Jalan Casablanca, pass Park Lane Hotel and Harris Tebet, then a fly-over bridge, and if you look carefully on your left, you will see it.

Daeng Tata is a very simple place, not fancier than a warung, and it brings a mixed crowd of Indonesians from various social backgrounds. You may see a few expats, but it is rare. During the day, it can get hot since there is no AC (at least in the one I went to), so it's best to come at night, with some mosquito repellent.

While most customers come for its Barbeque Ribs, I advise you to try their Coto (Soup) or their Konro (Soup with Boiled Ribs) as well, two specialties from South Sulawesi. The service is very fast, I didn't have to wait more than 5 minutes to get the food on my table, and apart from the BBQ Ribs which were slightly burnt, the whole meal was a feast. They will put various sauces, seasonings and other ingredients for you to add to your dishes. You should try them all, they make all the difference between an average and a great experience.
Coto (Rp15,000
Konro (Rp29,000)
BBQ Ribs "Daeng Tata" (Rp29,000)
Overall: Very recommended, but you'll enjoy it only if you don't mind no-frills restaurants, with their occasional bumps and misses. It is cheap: A meal won't cost you more than Rp60,000 with drinks.
Opening Hours:
Everyday from 9am to 11pm (until 2am on Friday and Saturday)

Mamink Daeng Tata
Jalan Casbalanca - K.H. Abdullah Syafii'e No.33, Tebet
Phone number: +62-21 831 7777 / 8379 3333

Facebook: Daeng Tata Indonesia
For delivery: Call +62-21 831 5555/6666/7777

Other branches:
Jalan Soepono - Alteri Permata Hijau 25, Simpruk
Phone number: +62-21 7017 0000

Jalan Pejaten Raya
Phone number: +62-21 799 0008

Jalan Dr. Setiabudi No. 153, Bandung
Phone number: +62-22 201 7019

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