Probably one of the most authentic Arabic restaurants in Jakarta, Hadramout specializes in Yemeni cuisine, particularly Mandi/Madhbi (basmati rice, meat, spices). By coincidence, it is exactly what I ate the day before in Al-Jazeerah in Cikini so I was able to make a useful comparison.

I preferred the atmosphere in Hadramout: They give you the possibility to eat directly on the carpet, in small private areas, which is quite unique in Jakarta. I advise you to choose the areas closest to the kitchen, more intimate. On the walls, you'll also find some traditional instruments and artifacts from Yemen. As in Al-Jazeerah, all the waitresses wear the headscarf and the television channels are in Arabic. Of course, no alcohol is served.

Concerning the food (Lamb Madhbi for 2, Rp121k++)), Al-Jazeerah was the best. The rice had the same taste, but the lamb in Hadramout was too salty and fatty.

I wish I had tried more items on their menu though because I left frustrated. If you can, you should come with a small group. They have package deals for 10 to 20 people that include a large variety of dishes to share (around Rp60,000 per person).
Lamb Madhbi (Rp60,500 per person)
Acar Hadramout (Rp22k)
Overall: Recommended venue, in particular for the atmosphere if you are looking for singular restaurants in Jakarta. The food is good but not the best Arabic you'll find in town. Suitable for dates/gatherings/friends, not for business (too intimate).

Opening Hours
From Saturday to Thursday: From 11.00am to Midnight
Friday: From noon to midnight

Hadramout Restaurant
‫Jl.Tambak Raya No, 16 A‬
‫Manggarai - Central Jakarta‬

‫Phone number: +62-21 3928148-31934286‬
‫Fax: +62-21 3928104‬

Instagram: Hadramout

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  1. best regards to u all,,,, in fact it will be my 1st time to indonesia insha allah,,,, on the big case of continue my study,,,,, nd really so good to get knew that we have yemni nd arab resturants nd medaleast real food,,
    be save u all my best wish