Fatburger is a chain of American fast food restaurants, originally from California, with branches in Plaza Senayan and Plaza Indonesia in Jakarta. I decided to try it because they have an ad saying it was voted "number one burger in L.A. and Las Vegas".

I bought a regular Fatburger with cheese, french fries and coke (Rp64,999), which is very expensive considering I was the simplest of their burgers, with one beef patty only (you can have up to four). Verdict? In my opinion: More tasty than McDonald's, not as good as Burger King.

Overall: Not bad but too pricey. If it is true people in LA and Las Vegas consider it their best burger, I feel sorry for them.
Opening hours:
Everyday, from 10am to 10pm

Locations of Fatburger in Jakarta
Plaza Indonesia 5th Fl.
Unit #E03,04,04A
Jakarta, Indonesia

Tel: +62-21-3107584

Plaza Senayan Food Court 
3th Fl #339 
Asia Afrika No. 8
Phone number: +62-21 5725277

Facebook: Fatburger Indonesia

7 comments to '' Fatburger (fast food burger chain) "

  1. Fatburger is much better than Burger King, if only because the burgers and meat are fresh and not frozen like regular fast food. Their onion rings are much better tooo. You obviously don't know a shit from a shit (this Fatburger review is only the tip of the iceberg of crap on this site) and should be doing something else than restaurant reviews...

  2. Thank you for your advice, I will keep reviewing restaurants though and hopefully I will improve to match your very high standards...



  3. Ouch, what harshness! :)

    As a burger lover, I have to agree with the first comment's criticism, if only regarding this particular review (love the rest of the site btw!) - Fatburger is without any shadow of a doubt in miles ahead of both McDonald's and Burger King. The patties are fresh and hand-made, not frozen and machine-manufactured like at the aforementioned other two burger joints. And that guy with the anger management issues is also spot-on regarding the onion rings, which are to die for!

  4. My favorite fastfood hamburger , i've never heard about Fatburger before because in the Netherlands we've only got Burger King and Mac D chains . Damn was taste this burger so heavenly mmmmmm .

  5. Didn't realize Fatburger had stores in Jakarta. I only knew about Macau. You're going to pay a lot for a Fatburger in Asia, because the ground beef is flown in from the U.S. I am going to check it out this weekend and give a full review.

  6. Following up, I did visit Fatburger at Plaza Indonesia. It has moved to the LB Floor, which is the level just above the parking garage. The seating is open to the mall, but its in a relatively unbusy part of the mall, so this is not a problem. The seating is very comfortable, and it's a nice place to relax, if you have done a lot of walking through this large, spacious shopping mall of mostly upper-end stores. Customers are a mix of young locals and some ex-pats.

    The restaurant is well-staffed, who are very friendly and helpful. They have lots of tablet computers with the menu set up for ordering and the wait staff will help you place the order (just tap the items you want). When you order, the cooking staff, in unison, shouts back your orders (like the cheezeburger, cheezeburger skit in SNL, which parodied another Chicago burger joint).

    As noted above, it is on the costly side. A single combo meal is going to set you back 55. I went with a double with two drinks, that cost me almost 80k . I should have ordered a single, but, oh well, it had been 6 years since I've been in LA where Fatburger got its start (like most fast-food chains).

    The burger and fries were wonderful. Just like the LA and Vegas stores. That means they do, in fact, import their ground beef from the US. Big, juicy patties, shredded lettuce, tomato, mayo, good bun, it was all there. 3 choices of fries and I went with the fatfries. , which were properly cooked. People rave about In'n Out, but, to me, Fatburger has always been better.

    I would give the store a 10/10, but . . . their jukebox music selection is abominable. Fatburger gets it chic by immersing its customers in the Chicago blues. This store had a bunch of sappy crap from the 60's, with a mix of pop (ok, they had a few tunes from Santana, but that's not blues). So, I give the store an 8/10.

    Fatburger will definitely become one of my refuges when I move here in a few months.

  7. I tried a Fat Burger for the first time last night. Unfortunatey it was a typical Indonesian version of a hamburger. Too much sauce and mayonaise. It's not "soup on a bun" people. The sauce is supposed to add to and enhance the burger , not over-power it.