Fajar Kitchen is a Chinese restaurant located in the ground floor of MyHotel, on Jalan Hayam Wuruk. It has a large sign visible from the outside saying it has been opened since 1958, and this is the main reason why I visited.

Unfortunately, the restaurant looks very modern now. Apart from the nice open kitchen, there is nothing worth writing about concerning the design, which is cold, impersonal, and lacking charm.

After seeing the setting, I already knew this was not a venue I could recommend so I only ordered some light dishes, with the idea of eating somewhere else later.

I had an Asparagus and Crab soup, a Vegetable soup, and some Lumpia (spring rolls).  Everything was surprisingly very decent, and I was ready to review my judgement of the place, until I was brought the bill: Rp258,000 for 3 appetizers with two juices! This is probably twice as expensive as it should be considering the location, the atmosphere and the cuisine.
Asparagus and Crab Soup
Vegetable Soup
Lumpia (Spring Rolls)
Overall: The food is correct, but it is really overpriced. If you are a guest in MyHotel, I guess the management is trying to take advantage of you not knowing the city. You should walk only 100 meters and go to Jalan Labu instead, where they have the much better Hunan Kitchen and Lac Mei Che.
Fajar Kitchen
MyHotel, GF
Jalan Hayam Wuruk No.127A
Jakarta 11180, Indonesia
Phone number: +62-21 625 5460
Fax: +62-21 629 1919

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