Bali Jimbaran is one of the many seafood restaurants located near Mangga Dua, opposite ITC on Jalan Gunung Sahari. I chose to visit Bali Jimbaran particularly because it had the brightest outside sign, and also because it was the most crowded.

The restaurant is large, with two dining areas on two floors. First, you can select your fresh seafood and fish, and then watch how the cook prepares it in the open-kitchen. It is not a beautiful venue: There is no real decoration, the hygiene looks average, the road nearby is noisy and the aircon is not working properly. As in any open-air restaurants in Jakarta, beware of the mosquitoes as well. On the "plus" side, it looks authentic and the prices are cheap.

We ordered quite many dishes, among which Fish, Squid, Sea Shells and Prawns. I cannot find the bill anymore but the cost was around Rp150,000 (for 2 people). The grill was not available so they fried everything, which proved a bad idea because the cooking oil used was not good quality and they put too much of it. I remember I was quite disappointed, but I still don't know if it is because of the taste of my food, or because I didn't get exactly what I had in mind. My friend was not as severe as myself and he told me he enjoyed his meal a lot, especially the prawns.
Overall: I think Bali Jimbaran serves average food, not worth the ride to Mangga Dua if you don't live nearby. They could probably improve the overall atmosphere also, because as it is now, it is far from resembling any restaurants from Jimbaran in Bali...
Opening Hours:
Everyday, from 11am to midnight

Bali Jimbaran Gunung Sahari
Jl. Gunung Sahari Ancol no: 6A, Jakarta Utara
Phone number: +62-21 641 5119/ 641 5120

Facebook: Bali Jimbaran Ikan Bakar

Also in Muara Karang and Jalan Juanda:
Jl. Muara Karang Raya no: 121, Jakarta Utara
Phone number: +62-21 666 01901 / 666 01903

Jl. Ir. H. Juanda Raya no: 31B, jakarta Pusat
Phone number: +62-21 384 5215 / 386 5776

3 comments to '' Bali Jimbaran (Jakarta Seafood Restaurant) "

  1. 1 of the best in town

  2. My wife and I enjoyed eating at Bali Jimbaran in June 2007 when we were dating (she is Indonesian). The food was quite cheap in price but fresh, well prepared and tasty. If memory serves me well, we had crab done in a hot chili sauce abundantly laced with crab eggs, sate prawns, cancun (Spinach), and of course lots of white rice. A simple fresh orange juice washed it all down well. This a place to eat - not admire the decor - you will sweat if you're not used to the heat and the bathrooms... are more like a country outhouse. However, the utensils, tables and food were very clean; the service was very friendly and fast - everyone seemed eager to make us happy.
    Don't underestimate this place - it was VERY busy when we were there last - because the food was great. If you're hungry, not looking to spend a lot and adventurous - this is a fabulous place to start your discovery of Indonesia's incredible seafood bounty and casual dining culture.
    AFTER FIVE YEARS... We are back in Indonesia (now married with our two kids)and we are about to order from Bali Jimbaran - this time for delivery to the hotel as the kids are too young to drag around just now and we really are hoping for another good experience. We will post again to let you know how it went. Cheers!

  3. Jimbaran Bali is simply over rated seafood restartunt ....Not reccomended ...