Angke is a very famous Chinese "Hakka" restaurant with two locations in Jakarta, in Ketapang and Kelapa Gading. I only tried the latter, which is made of one huge dining room half the size of a football field. I guess it is adequate for weddings and receptions, but I don't recommend it if you want to have an intimate dinner.

I sat on my table, surrounded by children playing and screaming, and ordered 1/2 Grilled Duck (Rp95,000) and Kailan Cah (Rp30,000). I had read many excellent reviews about this place, but when comparing with Liyen, my favourite Chinese restaurant in Jakarta, the taste of my food in Angke was much less flavorful, while costing the same. It was decent, but certainly not worth all the buzz.
Kailan Cah (Rp30,000++)
Grilled Duck (Bebek Panggang, Rp95,000++)
Overall: From my small experience, I would not recommend Angke because I didn't enjoy its ceremonious atmosphere and I didn't think their food was special enough to justify a long trip to this part of Jakarta.

For Chinese food lovers though, and if you live near Kelapa Gading, I'm sure there are some great dishes on their long, extensive menu. You could try the following, praised on other Jakarta food blogs: Ayam Garam, Hai Som, Lindung Ca Fumak, Sapi Cah Kail Lan, Fuyunghai Babi. The cost for 1 person for a 2-course meal with soft drinks should be around Rp120,000.
Opening hours:
Everyday, from 11am to 3pm and from 5pm to 10pm
Angke Restaurant Ketapang
Jl. Zaenal Arifin (d/h. Ketapang Raya)
Komplek Ketapang Indah, Jakarta Barat, 14440
Phone number: +62-21 634-3030
Fax: +62-21 634-6633

Angke Restaurant Kelapa Gading
Jl. Raya Boulevard Barat, Kelapa Gading Square, Jakarta Utara, 14240
Phone number: +62-21 458-66333
Fax: +62-21 458-66200


9 comments to '' Angke (Chinese Jakarta Resto) "

  1. worst restaurant ever, expensive food, rude manager, big fat liar Chinese manager, what can you expect? what they care is money money money

  2. my friend kept recommend this place, and one day I tried with my whole family. We really know what good chinese food are, and we think this place is just so so ( I mean the taste). So, not too recommended. Not too bad either though

  3. u should order speciality menu which is ayam garam, lindung cah fumak, and kodok batu cah sayur asin

  4. You should try the ketapang outlet. It is far better than Kelapa gading's one.

  5. "the food from Angke's restaurant was delicious" said my best friend. i really want to try to eat it but until now i can't go there then what should i do?

  6. "worst restaurant ever, expensive food, rude manager, big fat liar Chinese manager, what can you expect? what they care is money money money"

    lu edwin ya?

  7. No recommendation !
    I've been there today and ordered some dishes. I found piece of plastic in soup and asked waitress to replace it. Yup they replaced it but after I finished my dinner. I said I can't pay for the soup and called the manager. The Chinese manager said 'you should have cancelled it before we re-prepare the soup. you must pay for it' OMG!
    They didn't even feel sorry for the dirt in the soup...

  8. Cont'd) Honestly, the food was not that bad. slightly above the average level. (I like Chinese food and tasted it around the world) but in this restaurant, there is no price in the menu.
    What the hell..Just eat it and pay as they want?

  9. Angke has excellent food - they source the best ingredients in everything, which should be quit obvious to notice. Of course it's a dining hall for family events, etc. so if you go there as a lone little sexpat you will feel out of place... it's just common sense really.