Al-Tahrir is a Middle-Eastern/Egyptian restaurant located in Pasar Festival, on Jalan Rasuna Said. Intended as a meeting point for the Egyptian community in Jakarta, it is named after Tahrir square in Cairo. The most interesting is that it is supposed to stay open 24-hour (see 24-hour restaurants in Jakarta), one of the only venues to do so in the area.

Concerning the food, it is rather cheap. What I sampled tasted average, though. The Shawarma (Rp30,000) was made in the Egyptian way, with only tomatoes, peppers, and chicken. I usually prefer when there are more ingredients (onions, white sauce, garlic, herbs, etc...), hence my disappointment. I also tried the Mixed Grilled Meat (Rp110,000), which is quite big for one person. The cooking was fine, particularly the sauce and the spices, but the ingredients used were probably not the best quality. There are no miracles, you get what you pay for.
Chicken Shawarma (Rp30,000++)
Mixed Grilled Meat (Rp110,000++)
Overall: I didn't try enough dishes to give a definitive opinion about Al-Tahrir, but for sure, it is not the place where you will enjoy the best Middle Eastern food in Jakarta. Yet, the owner and staff are so friendly that this restaurant is still a venue I would recommend for a light meal or to hang out. Apart from the main room, you also have an outdoor terrace, perfect for a drink (no alcohol served) or for shisha.

Operating Hours:
Open 24-Hour, every day (Since it just opened, they may change that so call them before to make sure)

Al Tahrir (near Taman Rasuna)
Egyptian and Middle Eastern Restaurant Jakarta
Pasar Festival Blok LG 02A
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav C-22
Jakarta 12920

Phone number: +62-21 5263 187

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  1. there is big party with belly dance in al tahrir reto at 31st December we will be waiting for u there

  2. I went twice to this restaurant. Second time i went to give the restaurant the second chance to present a nice and friendly service.

    Food is just average but the cost is certainly above average. But the worse part is service.
    It took 5 minutes to get the waiter with a menu card. Waiters have no manners how to serve plates. We had to tell them every basic things like, remove the empty plates in front of us while bringing new dishes. If you leaving close to this restauarnt, you can go once in a lifetime.

  3. I was there this afternoon. I had Nasi Briyani with lamb...
    It was good. The lamb was perfectly cooked
    So i say... Nasi Briyani with lamb at Al Tahrir is highly recommended

  4. Today was my 2nd time in this restaurant. First time, we just came out without ordering anything as the waitress wasn't able to speak a single word of English of even understand some bits of Bahasa. Literally, there is no floor management in this place. It is all run by variety of cleaning and hosting staff

    Now during my second visit, order taking was fast enough. Food came after 15-20 minutes. But the real horror strikes when you wait for the bill. You call for it, they will make you sit for almost 20 minutes. One girl on the cash machine, is literally running to all tables serving the bill, collecting cash and returning changed. The Manager is just standing and looking around , trying to find any rich Iranian who he can start some conversation. He seems to be least bothered with the sorry state of affairs. Good points for this place :
    1. Very accessible - right in front of MMC Hospital
    2. Fair quality of food - not great, but just ok considering that not much 'great' options are there in Pasar Festival
    3. Price - Higher than regular eateries, but more or less in line with any restaurant prices in Kuningan area

    Upsetters :-
    1. Thoroughly untrained and confused staff. Though the place is full of waiters and waitress, very few of them will come to your table, understand what you are saying, and get it done quickly. Real Pain
    2. Real bad customer handling process - They just leave you in their place, without even asking what you want.
    3. Shitty billing and cash collection - I had to literally barge to the cash counter, where the counter lady seems as confused as ever. Rather than wasting my time, i just figured out the bill amount and paid exact cash. I think this is a perennial issue, but the Manager seems oblivious of such things
    4. Cleanliness - This place is not as glossy, clean and shining as shown in the pictures above. It is quite dingy, moist and dark. They have glasses put on tables, which is very sticky apparently from the mop used. Cutlery is not put well, and you can see some spoons and forks missing and need to ask for it. So much so for basic hospitality skill. All the menu books are torn, tattered and sticky

    If this place is surviving, its mainly because of the patronage from Mid-easterners in the area.

    Well this year is 2013, and if the management is evolved enough they may see my feedback and atleast improve certain basic people and process requirements. I hope they do(this link is 1st search result, when you put this restaurant name on Google)

  5. worst ever resturant in jakarta ,,ZERO taste , service , atmosphere its simply everything bad ,, don't ever think about it .

    1. wowowo, can you tell me what is the problem there, make you feel that bad, i am every week there, some time cannot found table, so how came what you saying?