Al-Jazeerah is among the best Arabic restaurants in Jakarta in the mid-range price category. It is located in Jalan Raden Saleh, about 200 meters South from Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM), and it is a popular hangout spot for Middle Easterners in the city. Apart from the restaurant, you also have a  take-away kebab stand and a busy shisha café (called Arabian Tent Cafe, a bit weird, it seemed to me that an abnormal proportion of girls were inside).
In the restaurant, you have a large function room, to be avoided for dining, and a smaller one in the back. It doesn't look great but it is comfortable and clean. They also have a giant screen with Arabic channels. The night I visited, there was about 10 other customers, and all of them looked foreign, most likely Arab. The air-con was very strong and blowing everywhere in the room unfortunately, and it made me leave as soon as I was done eating.

For appetizer, I ordered Tabouleh (Rp26,000) and for my main course Mandi Laham (Rp70,000), a dish originally from Yemen with Basmati rice and marinated pieces of lamb. I enjoyed both a lot, especially after mixing everything together, and adding the slightly spicy sauce. It doesn't not seem like very complicated food, but all the ingredients were fresh and perfectly cooked.
Tabouleh (Rp26,000++)
Mandi Laham (Rp70,000++)
Overall: Recommended restaurant if you are looking for a good place to eat for Rp120,000 per person. Since it doesn't look beautiful or particularly authentic, do not come for the atmosphere. If you go into the "Arabian Tent Café", please let me know your impressions about it...
Opening hours:
Everyday from 11.30am to 3pm (last order 2.30pm) and from 6.30pm to 2am.
On Sunday and Holiday it opens at 8.30am.

Al Jazeerah
Jalan Raden Saleh No.58,
Jakarta 10336, Indonesia

Phone number: +62-21 3146 108 / 391 4444
Fax: +62-21 3160 182
Facebook: Al-Jazeerah

Note: 50 meters from Al-Jazeerah, on Jalan Raden Saleh, they are building a new Arabic restaurant with the same owner, same Chef and same management called Al Bahar-Al Ahmar restaurant. I will review it when it opens.

6 comments to '' Al-Jazeerah (Jakarta Restaurant Arabic) "

  1. good quality for a cheap price and like you mention in your article the ingredients are fresh

  2. its good to get knew that we have a yemniy resturant at indo,,,,, but how many of them,,, it must be a lot ,,,,

  3. Yes it has very delicious original Arabic dishes but very expensive thoug

  4. Tasty Arabic food. I visited there 4 times.

  5. there are many arabic people. the taste is comfortable.(Maybe homemade tast? just my feeling. i'm not arabian)
    but the price is different ( Mandi lamb is 116k , yogurt is 360k)

  6. Regarding al-Jazeerah took me 1 second to realize that I walked into a mad house. Traffic was going in all directions.

    As of Hadramout the manager/owner with a long pony tail and after I sat down for a good 20 minutes across from him and 1/2 way through my meal he came to tell me that he doesn't allow people to bring drinks from outside. I told him as you can see it's a Gulp cup of lemon-tea from 7-11, have already ordered your tea and here I will pour it into your restaurant tea and you can have the Gulp cup. He said no. He took the cup smelling what's in it trying to find an excuse to let his guests know that he's not a happy species.

    In Hadramout they did charge 30k for the small bottle of Crystal brand hot sauce although it said 20k on the menu, the vegetable Edam sauce tasted like water, the lamb Edam has more bones than meat, and the rice was too dry and cold. The servants were sweet and apologetic about their boss behavior and told us he's always been like that very angry and will go out of his way to be mean out of the blue.