Abunawas is a middle-eastern restaurant, similar to nearby Hadramout, with mostly specialties from the Arabian Peninsula.

I was quite disappointed with my experience there. The first time I came, it was 9.15pm and they were closing at 10pm so I was told to come back another day. I did come back, 2 days later, at 8.15pm, and already, the dining rooms upstairs, the nicest ones with a floor-seating area were not available (too late). We sat downstairs, while the staff was busy cleaning up the place, which gave us the feeling we were intruders. The waitress told us then there was no grilled meat available nor almost everything listed on the menu. I didn't keep the bill so I only remember the name of one dish (Mandi Laham). Here are the pictures (total bill was Rp120,000 with drinks):
Mandi Laham
Second dish
Of the two dishes, the Mandi Laham was fine, especially thanks to the sambal, but the lamb was a bit dry. We didn't enjoy the second one, which was oily with low-quality/hard-to-chew meat.

Overall: Abunawas has a nice design from the outside, and the private areas upstairs can certainly be cozy if you come with a small group. Yet, it feels touristy and unauthentic, while the food is average at best. I also think I've rarely seen a restaurant with such a bad organization: The opening hours are a joke, 3/4 of the dishes on the menu were not available, the drinks came after our main dishes (that came separately as well), etc... Not recommended, even though it has potential if the management improves.

Opening Hours: 
Every day from 10am to 10pm

Abunawas Restaurant
Jalan Matraman Raya No. 15 (Next to the Pramuka flyover)
Pegangsaan, Menteng,
Central Jakarta, 10320

Note: There are other branches in Kemang and Bali

Phone number: +62-21-8583914/859 10 322
Fax : +62-21 - 859 10 323
Website: Abunawas

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