Top Yammie (Noodle and Bubur)

By Jakarta100bars
Top Yammie is a Chinese restaurant on Jalan Labu. While it is far from being the best on that street, it is easily the most recognizable, with its bright, distinctive facade.

I was attracted to it like a mosquito to a lamp, thinking I had found something incredible, but I was rather disappointed.

I took the waiters recommendation: Yam Mien Special (Noodles, Rp29k++), Bubur Ikan (Congee, Rp26k++), Sapo Kodok Bawang Putih (Frog Legs with Onions, Rp63,000++) and Kangkung Cah Trasi (Vegetables, Rp30k++). The price for a meal should not exceed Rp100,000.
Yam Mien Special
Bubur Ikan

Frog Legs
Overall: I thought the food tasted fine but it was not particularly impressive compared to many other Chinese restaurants in Jalan Labu. Rather than visiting Top Yammie, head for nearby Hunan Kitchen or Lac Mei Che (or Liyen a bit further, in Glodok). You can also read on this blog my review: The Best Chinese Restaurants in Jakarta.
Opening hours:
Everyday, from 7am to 3pm and from 5pm to midnight.

Top Yammie
Jl. Labu No. 3-6 (20 meters from Hotel Jayakarta)
Taman Sari, Jakarta
Phone number: +62-21 659 5777 /2888 /2852
Fax: +62-21 626 1420

3 comments to '' Top Yammie (Noodle and Bubur) "

  1. crap food, trying to be hk style

  2. dun waste your time, just head straight to duck king or maystar which are much more authentic. But if u prefer indo style chinese food, this place is ok

  3. Old time favorite... drool