Taj Mahal (Indian Restaurant Jakarta)

By Jakarta100bars
Taj Mahal is the most authentic Indian restaurant I've been to in Jakarta so far. I found it while I was walking around in Pasar Baru, one of the two areas in Jakarta with strong Indian communities (the second one is Sunter). After visiting a Sikh temple, I asked the guards what was the best Indian restaurant around, and they drove me straight to Taj Mahal.

From outside, it is very easy to miss because it is not bigger than a warung. The inside looks old, with some Indian decoration, but nothing fancy. It was 3 in the afternoon when I entered, and apart from me, there was a Pakistani and an Indian. They were quite surprised to see a westerner so it was not long before we started to chat.

The menu is not so big, but you have all the most famous Indian dishes. The prices are very cheap, and you can probably eat well for less than Rp60k. I ordered a small Thali for Rp35k, and even though I had eaten just 2 hours before, I finished it instantly. Everything was perfect with this meal: The location, the service, the authenticity of the place, and of course the food.
Overall: Very recommended if you like cheap, authentic Indian food. If all you can about is the cleanliness and modernness of a venue, it is not for you though.
Taj Mahal
Jl. K.H. Samanhudi No. 10A, near the Metro in Pasar Baru)
Phone number: +62-21 9840 4085 or 381 3754
Mobile: +62 (0) 818 148 498

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13 comments to '' Taj Mahal (Indian Restaurant Jakarta) "

  1. I went there on your recommendation: outstanding food, thanks so much.

  2. Amazing food..I have been to restaurants like ganesha, kinara etc in Jakarta...those place are good but rip offs.... Taj mahal is comparatively very very small and not fancy...preety much only 5 tables to serve but Amazing and fresh food... I think it is owned by a pakistani... I ate

    Vegetable Samosa - 21k
    Veg Thali -------- 30.5k
    Indian Tea ------- 6.5k
    Total 58k

    I was full and food was good. Believe me I am an Indian and food was good. Very much a good option for long stayers like me.

  3. Just go there, you won't regret it.

  4. I come here often... food so nice, and there is 1 uncle so friendly n patient... price also average... recommended this one :)

  5. Hi there

    I wonder if they have some Goan Fish Curry or some Chicken Tikka?... btw I'm local Indonesian but I enjoy very much Indian Cuisine...


  6. Go to this restaurant.... so good, butter chicken is amazing good use of ingredients so fresh and original. Yes the interior is shabby and not nice to look at......But, in this case don't let it hold you back.


  7. checked this place out after reading the good review. Food and service was good. had the butter chicken and chicken tikka, spent 150rb for 2 person. i still prefer the indian joint at sunlake hotel in sunter tho

  8. My wife and I went to this place today and the reviews posted above are pretty good. The food was delicious and not too expensive. If you are looking for fancy decor then this is not the place for you, but if that doesn't bother you then visit this place. The food is delicious and authentic. The butter chicken was delicious, we even took take away.
    Service was nice, friendly staff, and they deliver.

    Hope this helps the next person.

  9. Pls share new contact number of dis hotel.am at manggadua n want to go for dinner here tonite

  10. Nasi bryani nya enaaaakkk bangettttt .... toop abis deh ...

  11. Because of this review, I just ate here. Exactly as described - if you are looking for ambiance and any level of dining refinement, it's not the place for you. If you are looking for really, truly excellent food at a reasonable (even cheap) price, then this place is great. The food was fantastic - I cannot recommend it enough. I was the only patron when I arrived at 3pm, but there were three children watching TV sitting across from me and one of the staff/owners enjoying a break at another table. That's the kind of place this, at least at an off-time of the day. The food service was quick and polite, but really the food is 'the' reason to be here. I would say the vegetarian dishes are between 30 and about 50K and the chicken and seafood dishes about 40 to 70K. I ordered aloo gobi (33K) and chicken rogan josh (47K) and both were great. The plan naan (15K) was also excellent. Very much recommended.

  12. When ever I stay in Jakarta, I always drop by. The owner is very gracious and the food top notch. You can just relax there, very unpretentious atmosphere. I particularly like seeing the cat walking around and their smoky tandoori oven. It's worth the hassle getting there. I stay in the Ibis hotel across the street and have them deliver. Never have had stomach problems from eating there deliscious food. I'm from california.

  13. Excuse me, I stay at the Fave Hotel across the street, I misspoke. Pasar Baru district.