Liyen is an authentic Chinese restaurant located in Kota. It is not very far from the Bank Mandiri Museum, maybe 3 minutes by foot. They specialize in Hakka cuisine (from Southeast China), with some recommended dishes like the Salted Chicked, the Grilled Duck, or the Fried Prawn with Salted Egg.

We went for half a grilled duck (Bebek Panggang Liyen, Rp100k), the grilled eel with vegetable (Lindung Cah Fumak, Rp55k) and the Fried Prawn with Salted Egg (Udang Goreng Telo Asin, Rp88k). As you can see, the prices are quite high for Kota (usually about 30% cheaper).

The service was very fast, and we had our plates full only 5 minutes after ordering.
Bebek Panggang 1/2 (Rp100k)
Lindung Cah Fumak (Rp55k)
Udang Goreng Telor Asin (Rp88k)
The duck was probably the best I ever had, and when I think about how it tasted in Duck King, I realized how bad it was there. In Liyen, the meat is juicy and tender, with the skin perfectly crispy. A must-try dish.

We took more risks with the eel, but it was worth it. The fish is quite dry, but with the vegetables, it becomes much smoother to eat. By the end though, it became more difficult to finish the plate because I was starting to realize eels are some very ugly creatures.

At last, I only tried a tiny portion of the Prawn, but since I'm usually not a fan of seafood I won't comment. My friends said they liked it.

Overall: I had a great time in Liyen and I want to come back soon to try more dishes from their menu. From what I had, I can say it is one of the best authentic Chinese restaurants in Jakarta.

Concerning the atmosphere, it is pretty basic but it looks fine and they made an effort to put some Chinese decoration. The hygiene of the toilets could certainly be improved.

Liyen Restaurant
Authentic Chinese Cuisine
Jl. Asemka Raya no. 168A
Jakarta Kota 11110

Phone number: +62-21 693 0108 - 693 0208
Fax: +62-21 693 0189

Instagram: Liyen

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