Lara Djonggrang is the most famous of the restaurants belonging to the Tugu group, which is also behind Samarra, Dapur Babah Elite and Shanghai Blue. With its spectacular decoration, it is the favourite Indonesian restaurant of many expatriates and tourists. It is also where they will take their friends/family when they come to visit Jakarta.

Food-wise, it is above average both in taste and appearance, and I also find it good-value compared to the overall experience. There will always be people saying you can get better food in some warungs, but you will pay 2 euros instead of 5 euros for your Nasi Goreng. I think the atmosphere, service and food presentation in Lara Djonggrang is largely worth those 3 extra euros.

I advise you to come at night though since the restaurant does not look as nice during the day. Put some mosquito repellent too if you plan to stay in the outdoor area.

Here are pictures of the dishes we had (average price for a meal with drink is less than Rp100,000):
Kangkung Plecing (Rp39,000++)
Soto Ayam Daha (Rp42,000++)
Nasi Goreng Desa (Rp52,000++)
Nasi Jamblang Cirebon (Rp68,000++)
Overall: Lara Djonggrang is very recommended. It is not authentic Indonesian and it may feel touristy, but in all honesty, it remains a unique venue in Jakarta that anyone should visit at least once.
Opening Hours:
Everyday from 11am to 1am.

Lara Djonggrang
Jl Teuku Cik Ditiro 4
Menteng, Central Jakarta

Phone: +62-21 315 3252
Fax: +62-21 315 3252

Website: Lara Djonggrang Jakarta

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