Kembang Goela

By Tibs
Kembang Goela is among the most famous Indonesian restaurants in Jakarta. They serve traditional food from all Indonesia, with a focus on Peranakan cuisine (see Wikipedia article here).

I went to this place by accident, so I didn't have my usual camera and could not take very good pictures. Nevertheless, you should see that Kembang Goela looks quite elegant, in particular if you get one of the semi-private rooms. They have some antique colonial furniture, old photographs on the walls, and all kind of flowers everywhere. I don't advise you to eat in the main room though since it is pretty noisy and lacks coziness.

We had a few dishes, but I only took pictures for a few of them:
Bebek Bumbu (Rp82,500++)
Buntut Balado (Rp110,000++)
Home Made Strawberry Sorbet (Rp27,000++)
Poffertjes Van Orange (Rp25,000++)
Overall: The food was excellent and well-presented, but I found the total bill to be quite expensive for an Indonesian restaurant (Rp200,000 per person for a 3-course meal with drinks). If you are only interested about the food, you may find a few similar restaurants with more affordable prices in the city (for instance, Mbah Jingkrak or Rempah Rempah). Kembang Goela is recommended for those who accept paying a little extra to get a more upscale dining atmosphere.
Opening Hours:
Everyday, from 11am to 11pm

Kembang Goela
Plaza Sentral, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 47-48,
Jakarta – Indonesia

Reservation: +62-21 520 5621
Office: +62-21 520 5621
Fax: +62-21 520 5631

3 comments to '' Kembang Goela "

  1. a real nice place, i used to live near here, many of higher officials are often found eating there. and also many foreigner ..

  2. very expensive to dine there, at the rate i paid recently, it is better to dine at the 5 star hotels (which are similar priced but have higher prestige)

  3. i love it there! the atmosphere.. everything! the best place to eat indonesian food at a next level!