Kahyangan has to be one of the most expensive Asian restaurants in Jakarta. It is part of Pullman Hotel, near the Hotel Indonesia roundabout.

I read a few reviews on internet about this place, but I imagine the journalists didn't actually pay for their meals. If you eat there for free, it is a great place indeed. You have an incredible view over Jakarta, attentive staff (though they can be pushy to make you order more) and stylish design. Bring a date here and she should be really impressed.

If you pay from your own pocket though, you may feel the food is outrageously expensive. The shabu-shabu here will cost you at least twice as much as in any other high-end Korean restaurants in Jakarta, but I doubt you'll feel any difference in taste. Actually, when I compare with another one I visited a few weeks ago, The Koreana, Kahyangan was clearly not as good.
I ordered an appetizer (I forgot the name, but it was with smoked salmon and cost Rp115,000 with taxes) and the least expensive of their shabu-shabu (for 2, Rp575,000 with taxes), with US beef. The one with Grade 9 Wagyu beef costs almost Rp1,5M for 2. Drinks aren't cheap as well: An orange juice is Rp70,000 and a Bintang Rp65000.

Overall: The location and atmosphere of the restaurant is amazing, but the food extremely expensive and unimpressive. If you don't have money to burn, just go for a drink at least once. Avoid it if you are allergic to snob people.

Operating hours:
Everyday from 11.30am to 3pm and from 6pm to 11pm.

Kahyangan Shabu-Shabu Restaurant
Hotel Nikko Jakarta, Lobby Floor
M.H. Thamrin No. 59.
Jakarta Pusat

Phone number: +62-21 230-1122
Website: Kahyangan Shabu Jakarta

8 comments to '' Kahyangan (Shabu-Shabu Restaurant) "

  1. Waouh nice view! Empty though...

  2. kemahalan ini tot restoran tai

  3. Not Shabu-Shabu side facing Thamrin roundabout,
    but Teppan-yaki side too is Sky-Rocket-High in price,
    Starting from Rp 1 Mil for 2 as minimum, up to Rp 2 Mil for 2 hopefully maximum.
    Unfortunately taste can not follow as high as price...

  4. this is not Korean Restaurant. Japaness restaurant.Too too expensive.

  5. Expensive with mediocre taste. Try Chae Sun Dang at Jl. Wijaya I next to Optic Melawai, it is unbeatable in taste and reasonable in price.

  6. Is this place still in existence? Coz the hotel was already renamed into Pullman.

  7. Many years ago, I went to this resto just because of curious for what people said as the very good shabu-shabu in town. But it turned out to be disappointed. The price was not worth at all for a simple basic vegetable. At that time with price less than Kayangan I could enjoyed really good quality shabu-shabu at Shabu Kou which unfortunately closed after 1998 riots. That's the best shabu-shabu I ever had, since than unable to find another one which as good as Shabu Kou among large number of Japanese resto in Jakarta nowadays.