The overall quality of French restaurants in Jakarta has improved over the past few years, particularly with the openings of Lyon, Amuz and Orient8.

Still, I think the options are limited, and most of the best venues are too expensive: Take the first six restaurants of my list, they will all cost you around Rp1 million for a 3-course meal.

Some more affordable options exist, for instance Java Bleu, Le Bistro or Escargot. In those restaurants, the cuisine and the setting remain simple, but it is authentic and you eat well. A full meal in those should cost you less than Rp450,000.

At last, you have a third category of French restaurants, in which you have great design and atmosphere, but average food. Among those, Bistro Baron, Loewy or SHY are the most happening. A full meal will cost you almost the same as in fine dining restaurants.

So far, if I had to advise someone on where to find the best French food in Jakarta, I would give them the following places, in this order (you can click on each venue to read a full review from this blog):

1) Riva

2) Lyon

3) Cassis

4) Amuz

5) Orient8

7) Emilie

I  will update this list of the best French restaurants in Jakarta regularly. If you think I'm missing one, please send me a mail or comment.

14 comments to '' My Favourite French Restaurants in Jakarta "

  1. Est-ce un jeu de dames sur le parquet à moins que de Fontenay ne soit artdeco ;-) Noir et classe à la française...

  2. Madeleine in Kemang, suprisingly good quality food, and very affordable.

  3. Yes, I wanted to try Madeleine when I saw it opened but I haven't had the time already..

  4. I am confused on where to eat dinner on new years eve. I'm looking for 6 course meal dinner as I am sick of those buffet dinners at hotels. I am open to any suggestions... Thanks :)

  5. Hello Jakarta,
    J'aimerais trouver un restaurant avec soit des raclettes soit une fondue savoyarde ... est ce qu'on peut en trouver a Jakarta??
    Merci d'avance!

  6. Pour les raclettes et fondue
    Tu en trouveras Orient8 hotel mulia. Quite good!!!
    Bonne appetit!!

  7. Been to Lyon and emilie.. Both are good in my opinion.. Food wise Lyon is better.. It just that somehow its a little bit annoying during my visit.. They seems have a shared kitchen cause even though the resto is empty.. Lots of waitress passing by carrying food.. Create a nuisance for a fine dining establishment..


  8. new place just opened 1st oct Moovina at Plaza Indonesia by the Swarna Group

  9. Fine French food - it sure has been a while since I've had some. In fact, the last time was at a restaurant close to our broadbeach accommodations a couple of years ago.

  10. Check out new restauant on jl Senopati. Its called Chateau Blanc. Really really good french food! It just opened this week. Very pricy, but very good.

  11. Just had Cassis a few hours ago. Utter disappointment. Ordered cheaper meals (Duck confit and salmon), but neither appealing to eye (discomfittingly oily and over fried) or worse, to tongue. Meat bland and uncared for. Essentially like paying 1 jt for Pepper Lunch (which at least tastes peppery!). Duck better in any cheap chinese noodle spot.

    Only way I would have been happy is if it had been prepared by my daughter (who is 5).

    Worst of all, had to puke a few hours later (a la Table 8), though this may have been due to licking too much massage oil off a certain special someone.

    Bland and poor free appetizer. Poor bread. Poor butter.

    Good wines by glass.

  12. c est sur on viens pas en indo pour manger francais,surtout si tu viens de france

  13. A new place called frenchie at tebet barat just opened. I have tried it and I think is good and affordable.