Bebek Bengil is a Balinese restaurant, originally from Ubud, Bali, which opened a branch in Jakarta in 2009.

It was quite a challenge to re-create a Balinese atmosphere in Central Jakarta with the pollution and the traffic, but the final result is not bad. It would have been better to make it in a house in Menteng though because in its current location, you cannot help but see the towers all around the garden. There is another Balinese restaurant nearby which is more peaceful in my opinion, Baruna (see review).

The specialty of Bebek Bengil (which means "dirty duck") is the Crispy Duck. They also have some popular Balinese, Indonesian and Western dishes, but I didn't try them.

Here are a few pictures of the food we ordered:
Appetizer: Crispy Mushroom (Rp34k++)
Main course: Crispy Duck (Rp72k++)
Dessert: Vanilla Ice Cream Tart (Rp35k++)
I also had the "Hanoman street" mocktail (Rp35k++), very sweet but recommended.

I'm not a big fan of Crispy Duck: I find there isn't enough flesh to bite into and also, you never know if it is a bone, the skin or the meat that you are eating... I must recognize though that the one in Bebek Bengil is very tasty, especially if you eat it with the Balinese sambal they give you. I only had small bites of the Crispy Mushroom and Vanilla Ice Cream Tart, and I thought they were average.

Overall: Bebek Bengil is not an exceptional restaurant, but it is worth trying for its relaxing outdoor garden (far different from the original in Ubud, be warned!). Naturally, it is also recommended if you are a fan of Balinese-style Crispy Duck.
Opening hours: 
Everyday, 11am to 11pm. Beware of mosquitoes if you come around sunset.

Bebek Bengil
The Ubud Building
Jl. Agus Salim No.132
Menteng, Jakarta 10310

Phone number: +62-21 391 8016 or +62-21 391 7965 or +62-21 391 8091
Fax: +62-21 391 7721

Also in Ubud: 
Jalan Hanoman, Padang Tegal
Bali 80571
Phone number: +62 361 975 489 / 977 675
Fax: +62 361 975 489

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