Seribu Rasa is one of the most famous Indonesian/Malay restaurants in Jakarta. Located near the Plaza Indonesia roundabout, it is popular with locals and expats, and it is a good venue to experience some of the food specialties from the different islands of Indonesia.

I didn't find that the atmosphere inside was exceptional, except if you choose one of the private dining rooms around the fountain. The main room was actually completely full and noisy when we arrived, and I thought it lacked coziness. Also, we had to wait a few minutes before sitting so do make a reservation if you can (Phone number: +62-21 392 8892).

They have a great menu with a picture for each one of their dishes, making the picking easy. The prices are high for Indonesian food, but by international standards it is very affordable. You should not pay more that Rp130k (11 euros) per person for a large meal with drink.

I had the following:
Hokkien Spring Rolls (Rp30k)
Malay Kerabu Mangga (Rp29k)
Lamb Curry Bengalis (Rp82k)
Semilir Brastagi (Rp31k)
Overall: Both the appetizers were great, but I found that the lamb curry was too mild. It isn't the best Indonesian food I've had, but it is rare to have such a variety of dishes in one restaurant. This is the main reason why I recommend you to visit Seribu Rasa, and why I think it is OK to pay a premium.

Also, I usually don't talk about drinks, but the Semilir Brastagi is a must-try. It comes from Sumatra, and it is made with Strawberry, Mint leaf, Cranberry juice and Monin grenadine.
Opening Hours:
Every day, from 11am to 3pm and from 6pm to 10pm

Seribu Rasa Restaurant
Jl. H Agus Salim 128, Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone number: +62-21 392 8892

Facebook: Seribu Rasa

7 comments to '' Seribu Rasa (Indonesian Food) "

  1. hum not very busy...

  2. Seribu Rasa is actually always full, I took the pictures after closing time..

  3. Three times been in this restaurant coz the food is delicious and satisfying but I was always disappointed with the parking service. Arriving at the restaurant parking attendants always say that the park is full and i must use the valley and eventually always follow it by paying that the price includes low valley was only Rp 5000/price is not much ( as written on the walls of the building ) But I suggest it is better not to write the price on the wall if they were asked not accordance with the prices listed for each valley has always paid officials say Rp 7000, ok no problem for me still remains cheap price to pay for them) but that is not always pleasant valley officials say "for the valley Rp 7000 and for the tips up to you" :-) and it happens 3 times each I come and use the valley as I come every weekend because of the small parking so it's always full.
    Hopefully this incident will not happen again which caused me uncomfortable with the words "for the tip up to you" I am among those who are always giving tips without being asked.I might be lucky they did not say for tips Rp 100,000 which would be more than the price of valley :-)

  4. I think what he mean is valet service.
    The location does not have a lot of parking space, so you might need to use valet service.
    I never been in the restaurant, but if the valet price is Rp.5.000 it's very reasonable.
    I do not understand why he is complaining.
    Regular valet in the area is Rp. 25.000 without tip. And I usually tip minimum or Rp. 5.000

  5. 5000 is nothing he should come to oakwood valet 100.000

  6. I almost died because there was seafood instead of chicken (as ordered) in my springrolls and I am allergic to fish. My beef was disgusting.shit soup, shit service. Only good thing was my bintang but that's not their issue. I'll never come back.