Opened in 1998 in the Park Lane Hotel, Riva is one of the best French restaurants in Jakarta. It is a fine dining venue with mostly classic dishes: Steak au poivre, Foie gras, Salmon, Boeuf Bourguignon, etc.. Nothing experimental, you should not be too surprised by the food you will eat.

The restaurant looks old-fashioned, but it feels charming and unpretentious. I really enjoyed the open kitchen, which allows you to spy on the chef while he cooks. It is always impressive to see for yourself all the efforts that come with your meal.

The menu is not very long, and it changes regularly. I saw that they have it on their website here, but it isn't updated. You can still have a look to get a general idea about their food though.

I chose as an appetizer the Baby Organic Spinach Salad (with Parmesan, Lemon extra virgin oil dressing, and Truffle boursin crostini) and for my main course the Steak au Poivre (Seared wagyu beef rump rolled in crush white pepper, pomme dauphine, spinach, flambé with cognac).
Baby Spinach Salad
Wagyu beef steak with Pepper
Everything was delicious, way above any standard meal you could eat in a casual restaurant. The dishes were rich with distinctive flavors, melting just perfectly in your mouth. Consequently, such satisfaction has a cost and it isn't surprising that Riva is extremely expensive. An average appetizer is Rp300k, and an average main course Rp500k. A full meal with drinks will easily cost you more than a million rupiah... You can avoid that bloodbath by checking for promotions on Riva's twitter or facebook. I actually got myself an excellent deal: Rp208,000++ for a two-course set lunch menu (it will last all summer 2011).
Overall: Highly recommended, but I must say I would not have visited if I had to pay the full fare. If you can afford it, you should not hesitate. For the others, Lyon (click here for my blog review) is also an excellent venue, but with lower prices.

Opening Hours:
For lunch: Only from Monday to Friday - 11.30am to 2.30pm
For Dinner: From Monday to Saturday from 6pm to 11pm
Closed on public holidays

RIVA French Restaurant Jakarta
The Park Lane Hotel
Jalan Casablanca Kav.18
Jakarta 12870, Indonesia

Phone number: +62-21 828 2000

Fax: +62-21 828 2222


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2 comments to '' Riva (Park Lane Hotel) "

  1. Very good restaurant with pleasant atmosphere... THis place helps you to feel as if you were the hero of "Lost in translation"...


  2. It was basically closed and reopened as an entirely different place with the same name. Now a combination of hotel bar / pool restaurant / steak house. Nice and relaxed, can recommend, but very different from the old riva and also less pricey.
    Also, the hotel is now The Wyndham Casablanca Jakarta, of course.