Pesto is a stylish Italian restaurant specializing in pastas and pizzas. Its vintage, industrial design is quite similar to other venues in Jakarta such as Loewy, Potato Head or Immigrant. If you enjoyed the theme of those places, you should be delighted in Pesto.

I visited the restaurant in the middle of the afternoon, at a quiet time, but there were a few customers still. I imagine it is popular, even though its location is not so busy for Jakarta. At night, they organize special events occasionaly, you can check their twitter, Pesto, for more information.

I was not really hungry that day so I only had a Margherita pizza (Rp52k++). It is a simple dish, yet ideal for comparison since I've tried it in many Italian restaurants. I must say that the pizza in Pesto tasted below average: The one in Trattoria, PEPeNERO or Sopra is better and cheaper for instance. It wasn't too bad, but the crust was not crispy enough, and there was too much cheese (which didn't taste like good mozzarella).
I cannot comment on the rest of the food menu, but from what I've experienced, Pesto is great for the atmosphere, and average when it comes to taste. If you've tried another food item there, please share your experience on this blog by leaving a comment.
Overall: I liked Pesto, even though my pizza was unexceptional. I think the design and atmosphere is worth making the trip, especially if you get a window table, which have a great view on Jalan Thamrin.

Opening Hours:
Everyday, from 11am to 10.30pm (12pm on weekends)

Pesto Italian Restaurant
ANZ Square, UG Floor  
The Podium, Thamrin Nine  
Jl. Thamrin No. 10
Central Jakarta

Phone Number: +62-21 299 37320

6 comments to '' Pesto (Italian Restaurant) "

  1. italian in JakartaJanuary 8, 2012 at 10:41 PM

    Been there two weeks ago: since the italian cook left the place the quality is getting worse. It's a pity becasue the pesto souce was the best of Jakarta.
    For the time being not recommended.

  2. I knew the Italian Cook. He was passed away nearly a year ago. I am sure the quality of the food getting worse not like when Miko (the Italian Cook) was there....

  3. i found a surprisingly good pesto at Brussels Spring. it's at epicentrum

  4. Best italian resto

  5. they have improved! worth the try.. really love their porterhouse steak and they also have wide selections of wine.

  6. I have to say it was disappointing. When we arrived all the staff were hanging around the bar talking. Only 1 other table was dining. Service was slow and when the food arrived it was pretty ordinary. The Beef Carpaccio was good (they didn't have to cook it), but other than that everything else was poorly cooked..The signature seafood appetizer was very badly cooked with the batter soggy and we had to send the Bistecca alla Fiorentina back as it was not cooked as requested...also a hint, if your going to serve a 1KG steak get a steak knife that can cut it!!. Its a shame as it really could be a great restaurant. It just needs a decent manager on the floor to train and direct the staff and a proper Italian chef in the kitchen who pays attention to the detail and quality. We wont go back.