Oukup Massage and Spa

By Jakarta100bars
As I was walking in Lokasari, I noticed this massage parlour with a funny name, Oukup. They provide body massage, body scrub, reflexology, sauna, etc... I thought it was a nasty joint but then I read an article saying it was opened to men and women. The owner promises you will get a special treatment with spices and steam (Rp150k) that can cure all your illnesses... I guess I'll have to try.. Comment please if you've been there.

Oukup Massage and Spa
THR Lokasari A20-22
Jalan Mangga Besar Raya

Phone number: +62-21 625 6619 or +62-21 625 6620

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  1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Among the Karo people of North Sumatra, Indonesia, the oukup is a traditional form of sauna in which the bather is wrapped in blankets with spice-scented steam coming from a boiling cauldron. The modern oukup is now done using steam piped into a small room.[1] A similar bath, known as mar-tup was practised by the Batak Toba people. Both tribes traditionally performed the bath after childbirth, but it is now used as a general restorative or for relaxation, and oukup parlours typically also offer massage services