New Unicorn is a karaoke (KTV), music lounge and restaurant located in Lokasari, 150 meters from Lokasari Plaza. I still have to try it,  but I suppose it is a girlie spot, judging from its location and its outside look. Please comment if you can.

Opening hours:
Everyday, from 2pm to 3pm for the karaoke, from 8pm to 3am for live music and lounge.

New Unicorn
Jl. Mangga Besar Raya no 81, Kompleks Lokasari
(Next to KFC)
North Jakarta

2 comments to '' New Unicorn (Karaoke, Lounge, Restaurant) "

  1. this place is a casino rather than a girlie bar ?

  2. what kind of a bar is that? how is the situation now?